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How to set up the gas station Signage System is reasonable?


I believe that everyone is familiar with gas stations. In some medium and large cities, you can basically find a gas station by walking a few kilometers along the road. Not to mention the service area of the expressway. There must be two in each service area. The gas station is in a two-way symmetric distribution, and no matter where you pass, you can find the gas station through the ramp.According to common sense, when we find that the amount of oil is insufficient during the driving process, we usually find the gas station to refuel in advance. On the streets of traffic-stricken cities, the gas station is usually located on the side of the road, and the gas station and the road are separated by green belt. When the driver wants to refuel, he has to enter the auxiliary road in advance. When he enters the auxiliary road or the ramp, this time, the Signage System is needed for guidance. The following is based on the logical relationship of the gas station Signage System.

How to set up the gas station Signage System, the easiest way to check the standard is to let the driver go and see if the guidance is clear and correct, it can directly explain whether the gas station Signage System is reasonable.To truly understand the theoretical basis of the gas station Signage System, we must first understand that gas stations usually have two main scenarios, one is located next to the ordinary municipal road, and the other is located in the highway service area.From a macroscopic point of view, there is a slight difference between the guiding links. This difference is reflected in the setting position of the guiding card. In the gas station on both sides of the regular municipal road, it is generally only necessary to set the gas station signboard about 200 meters in advance. Guide the driver to enter the auxiliary road, and then continue to travel to the location of the gas station; the location of the gas station guiding sign in the service area on both sides of the expressway is not the same, because the speed of the high-speed driving is relatively fast, accidentally After the station is over, the service station gas station sign will generally start to be set several kilometers in advance, and as the distance from the gas station is close, the setting density of the service area signboard will also increase, in terms of distance and quantity setting. Far more than the gas station sign on both sides of the ordinary municipal road.

According to the logical relationship, when the driver successfully enters the auxiliary road with the help of the guiding sign and reaches the position of the gas station, the role of the Signage System is mainly guided, not guided. In this terminal scene, two types The gas station Signage System setting idea is basically the same. Of course, this has a certain relationship with the brand management concept of the gas station. From the microscopic point of view, the local Signage System of the gas station itself belongs to a typical chain operation sign, which can also be called It is a chain brand signage. Below we will further analyze the gas station Signage System settings.

Generally speaking, the filling position of the fueling area of the gas station generally needs to set up a large ground licensing. The information contained in this licensing card is mainly the brand image of the gas station and the digital sign of the current oil price on the day, which are presented together in a specific combination. On the huge licensing, give the user a clear signal.The huge station sign in the fueling area, generally speaking, the two barrels of oil station have their own unified image sign. From the appearance, except for the floor space, the visual effect is completely consistent. In a sense, the consistency of this brand sign is the highest measure of rationality.In addition to the large licensing and station sign at the entrance, some auxiliary signs need to be set in the marking system of the gas station. The more common one is the oil labeling plate and the price digital sign on the tanker. These two can be said. It is a must, other tips can be regarded as auxiliary, such as safety signs and warning signs, speed limit cards and parking area signs in the fuel zone, non-smoking fire signs, emergency call signs, etc. These deeply subdivided functional identifications together with the main identification of the fueling zone constitute the Signage System for the gas station.

Refueling at the gas station is the core  requirements of the users, so the core idea of the gas station Signage System setting should also be built around the demand for refueling, but the gas station will also be a sideline, using the excess space of the existing station cashier area, selling Instant noodles, cigarettes, melon seeds, beverages, rice pudding, etc. According to the latest news, the next step is to start selling coffee. It is not a bag of instant coffee, but a cup of coffee. Whether this business is good or not, we will wait and see.In general, the gas station Signage System should also take care of the extended demand beyond the core requirements of the user. At each demand end, a specific sign plate is required to correspond to it, and the corresponding requirements must be passed between different requirements. The systematic connection of the signboards allows a large number of signboards to form a systematic whole, providing people with safer and more convenient services. This is the value of the gas station Signage System setting.

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