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Analysis of 5 application sceneof hoteldigital signage


The trend of digitization is already the general direction of the development of the whole society. Sign industry is no exception. There are many scenes for the use of digital signage, such asstations, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. These digital signage can dynamically display various instant messages. Today we will further decompose the digital signage application scene in the hotel. Accordingto the experience of the hotel digital signage project of COSUN, there are five main types of application scene as follow:

1. Parking entrance and corridor.Smart digital signs are common inthe parking lots. They can help drivers accurately judge the remaining parking spaces in parking lots without wasting time or affecting customers' consumption experience.If the parking service of the hotel is not good, even if the other services are perfect, they will also leave a bad impression on customers.

2. The wall of the main entrance of the lobby.The digital signage here should give an introduction of the hotel, and tell the customers about the basic information of the hotel simply and clearly.The specific content needs to be planned according to the characteristics of the hotel, which can be a welcome speech, or some characteristic small video or animation, or it can be expanded to show the local customs of the hotel, so as to provide better service for customers from the details;

3. The background wall of thereception desk. This is where we often see digital signage when checking into a hotel. The digital signage in this location is generally used to show the prices of different types of rooms, and sometimes also shows information like activities and discounts.In short, the intelligent digital signage of this location has clear goals and relatively fixed contents;

4. Theentrance of the elevator.When the customer walks to the elevator, it means that the hotel is already serving him/her.At this time, the digital signage at the entrance of the elevator can play some advertising videos. Such as the hotel's other entertainment services, catering services, other special services and so on. As the interaction time between the digital sign of the elevator and the user is usually several seconds to dozens of seconds, so the information displayed by the digital sign should not be too much, and the advertising attribute should not be too strong;

5. Dining room, meeting room, etc.There are many functional places in large hotels. Different types of functional places need different information to provide services for customers.For example, in the restaurant, the digital sign can display the food information and corresponding price, it is better to do business with clear price.In the scene of conference room and report hall, the name of the meeting, the sponsor, the organizer, the sponsor and other information can be displayed on the digital sign. Of course, the basic information of the meeting schedule and welcome speech should also be displayed.

In the modern hotel management system, the service of every link is gradually eliminating the traditional mode in the past and conforming to the trend of digitization.With the rapid development of digital technology, the digitization of hotel information will go more smoothly, and the application scene will be more rich and diversified, which will directly help the improvement of hotel service and management level, and effectively improve the competitiveness of the hotel in the market.

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