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6 points on the deepening design of the construction drawing of high-end signage projects


In the previous article, we introduced the four development stages of sign design detail, which basically covers the development process of the logo industry for nearly 40 years. Each stage has undergone earth-shaking changes with the development of the times. Advances in technology and tooling have been rapidly developed. The market is changing. We can't identify the industry as extensively as it used to be. We should gradually move towards refined high-end and intelligent, which is the main line of transformation and upgrading of all walks of life in the whole society.

6 points on the deepening design of the construction drawing of high-end signage projects

At present, the sign industry is at a critical moment of transformation and upgrading. In addition to the exploration and application of intelligent digital sign, the most mature process is the deepening design of the logo sign. The deepening design of the sign construction drawing is a typical refinement of the sign industry. All relevant rules and regulations are pre-computed and designed, which is the theme we want to share today.The following is the six key points of the deeping design of the high-end signage project based on the Shenzhen “Chuangzhi Yuncheng” undertaken by COSUN SIGN.

1. Calculate the weight. This data is obtained by an accurate calculation of the structure and consumables by the identifying structural designer, usually including the weight of the outer casing, structure, power supply, embedded support components, etc. that identify the product.

It can be seen from the deepening design of the project of Chuangzhi Yuncheng that the total weight of the project is about 3.3T/set, of which there are 18 pre-buried points in each set, and each pre-buried point contains 3 parts. , respectively, is 0.9T embedded, 1.6T skeleton, and 0.8T luminous signs.From the data we can see that for this large-scale project, theheaviest part is the structure, not the big logo sign itself, although the big logo sign are also very heavy. However, the weight of structure and the pre-buried used to support the logo sign are far more than the big logo sign itself;

2. Explain the lighting effect in detail. The items usually involved are mainly lighting methods, such as front light or back light, or double-sided light, which requires detailed explanation, and the color of the light is also a part that cannot be missed.As can be seen from the deepening drawings of the case, the logo sign of “Chuangzhi Yuncheng” is front-illuminated, with 2.5 mm aluminum plate punching, the outer surface is painted semi-glossy white, and the night glows white.

3. Accurate structure to millimeters. The weight distribution problem of large-scale identification projects has been mentioned before, and the self-weight ratio of the structure is the highest. The structure serves as an important connection carrier between the logo sign and the curtain wall, and the consumables and welding methods cannot be ignored.From the deep drawing, we can see that the structure of the logo sign has three parts: the main frame on the back, the pre-embedded frame and the sub-frame. The dimensions are all accurate to the millimeter level, and the main frame and the pre-embedded frame are all galvanized flat tube. The sub-frame is made of galvanized square tube;

4. Detailed description of the data of the embedded drawings. For buildings with glass curtain wall type, there is a lot of work to be done to install the logo sign. The size, consumables and welding methods of the embedded parts need to be strictly regulated. If necessary, the glass of the curtain wall is subjected to the opening treatment of the predetermined size, that is to say, the stress point of the building is located on the inner side of the glass curtain wall, and the illuminated word on the roof is located outside the glass curtain wall, so there is a demand for penetrating the glass in the marking construction. In the deepening design stage of the drawing, in addition to the detailed description of the embedded parts, the position related to the glass opening needs to be sealed and waterproof related;

5. Drawing a cross-section and a vertical section of the embedded part. The cross-sectional view of the logo deepening design is to present the cut surface from a horizontal angle, and the vertical sectional view is presented from the vertical surface, so that the relevant important data related to the identification product can be perfectly presented from two different angles, respectively. Production production or installation and construction links provide an important data foundation. Under normal circumstances, the profile of the embedded parts is particularly important, because the relevant parameters of the identification product itself are relatively fixed, and there are many errors in the construction of the embedded parts, so the embedded parts The details of Fangtong flat-pass bolt ribs are the key to deepening the design. The cross-sectional view in both directions is conducive to the smooth construction;

6. Detailed design of assembly and wiring and power consumption. In the process of deepening design, this point can also be understood as the process-related deepening of the logo sign product. Generally, it is necessary to identify the outer casing, the surrounding edge, the opening position, the built-in angle iron or the angle steel structure, the power supply, and the power consumption of the wire and power. So as to make detailed planswith the expected display effect;

Through the analysis of the above six points, we have further understanding of the deepening design and construction drawings of high-end sign projects. To sum up, the deepening design of the logo sign is a process of implementing the details of the project's renderings, which are mainly related to the structure, consumables, processes, and data. Regarding these major categories, the process of deepening design is already an essential part of the high-end logo sign project. This is also the most direct embodiment of the “high-end” modifier, and an important measure standardthat distinguishes it from other logo sign products.

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