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6 processes for ledsign manufacturer after-sales service


The illuminating sign product comes with a halo, and the brand image has a good communication power. It has an important position in the sign market share market. For consumers, the illuminating identification products have entered the after-sales service since the installation is in place. In fact, most consumers are unfamiliar with the areas that they are not familiar with. It is difficult to find the root of the problems that may be faced. It may not even be able to find the problems, and it is impossible to judge the real problem. In the popular jargon, the water is deep and deep.

Someone may have to ask, what should I do? Isn't my illuminating sign project not done? This is not the case. If you have to do it, the illuminated signage is already an essential supporting project for major commercial establishments. If you don’t do it, as long as you choose the reliable illuminating sign manufacturer, the problems faced by consumers will no longer exist because For the outstanding illuminating sign manufacturers, whether it is from the service and logo product quality or business reputation, the customer has been worried about the issues, and provide the corresponding services in strict accordance with the agreed content. Then, once the product is delivered for use, what does the manufacturer of the illuminating label product look like after the after-sales link? The consumer is worried about the problem. No one is dealing with it or using the drag-and-drop word. What happens when the problem occurs? The specific problem is generally What to do, if the brightness of the illuminated sign is reduced or it is not bright, what should I do if the stand is loose? A series of troublesome scenes suddenly emerged from the minds of Xiaobian, but it is also a problem that ordinary consumers often face. There are no rules and regulations, and all walks of life will have their own relevant standards and norms. The logo industry is no exception. Each logo manufacturer has its own different style of work and attitudes to deal with after-sales problems. Therefore, for the after-sales service process, Xiaobian can't be generalized. It can only interpret the internal after-sales service process of the company. The following are the six processes of the Kesai logo on after-sales service.

6 processes for ledsign manufacturer after-sales service

Process 1, customer repair, once the problem is found, the customer can contact the manufacturer in time through telephone, QQ, WeChat and other channels, and the manufacturer docking staff records the problems raised by the customer one by one. This step can preliminarily judge the appearance of the illuminating identification product. That is, it is about to describe the problem point, so as to accurately connect and communicate with the professional technicians of the next link;

Process 2, the manufacturer responds within 1 hour. After obtaining the initial feedback request from the customer, the professional technicians start pre-judging and further communicate with the customer within 1 hour to clarify the problem that the customer is currently facing. From a professional perspective Guide the customer to accurately describe the problem point. This step is to make an accurate judgment of the problem faced by the customer and provide a basis for the next solution.

Process 3, the manufacturer gives the solution within 24 hours. After the communication of the previous two processes, the professional technicians of the identification manufacturer have basically mastered the problems that the customer is currently facing. Under normal circumstances, this time, the prescription can be given to the customer, the manufacturer It can effectively solve the problem, the method time and so on, and solicit the opinions of the customers. If it is unified, go to the next step. If there is analysis, replace the solution until the customer can accept it;

In process 4, the city's 48-hour special car will meet the project resident site service. According to the after-sales service standard of the Kesai logo, the time to reach the site is 48 hours. The off-site identification project will be subject to restrictions from the external environment and traffic factors. The friendly consultation between the two sides will be confirmed. After-sales service, different manufacturers may have large differences, and the process of the solution and the attitude towards the problem may vary widely. The after-sales service guarantee measures of Kesai's deadline for rectification give the customer a clear time node and not let the customer Waiting indefinitely, using the jargon of the Internet, this is one of the concrete manifestations of the user experience;

Process 5, the professional after-sales technical team uses professional equipment tools and parts for on-site operation. Firstly, the parameters of the illuminating identification products are accurately measured, checked according to professional technical standards, find the root cause of the problem, and on-site debugging The reinforcement is reinforced, and the replacement is replaced until the product is completely restored to the normal state and is accepted by the customer;

Process 6, inform the customer of the detailed maintenance knowledge and precautions in the use process, patiently communicate and guide the professional knowledge points involved, help the customer to master the correct use method as much as possible, and reduce the improper operation and use. Accidental losses, thereby effectively reducing the economic losses caused to both parties;

For the pre-sales stage, if the led sign manufacturer has a complete after-sales service process and clearly informs the interested customers, it can effectively relieve the customer's worries and have invaluable help in ordering the order. On the other hand, if the manufacturer does not have , the customer's fear will be one more, and the sales at the front end may be more difficult. In the actual engineering project, the led sign is charged, and the internal precision components are relatively more, so the after-sales problem will be relatively more. However, for experienced large-scale logo design and production manufacturers, a complete set of after-sales service processes is not designed to endlessly repair or even rework, but to constrain the behavioral norms of both parties through a sound management system. The quality problem of the product is controlled at the source and eliminated in advance, so that the problem does not occur. In the face of unexpected problems, there are several plans in my heart. In fact, the best after-sales service is that there is no after-sales.

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