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Sign enable the new retail,COSUN attempted the 2019 21st CHINASHOP


From November 7th to 9th, 2019, Qingdao ushered in a grand gathering in late autumn. The 2019 CHINASHOP was held in Qingdao China Railway World Expo City. The COSUN sign was invited as a representative of the sign industry. The attendance of this expo has injected new vitality into the retail industry fair, bringing theSignage system solutions and cutting-edge technologies of the retail industry to the audience.

Sign enable the new retail,COSUN attempted the 2019 21st CHINASHOP

As the top industry display platform in China, CHINASHOP has brought together mainstream first-line retail brand merchants, not only showing the booming retail format, but also doing a lot of work in the direction of internationalization and new retail, etc., effectively promoted the steady and healthy development of China's retail industry,Providing opportunities for upstream and downstream companies in the retail industry to showcase and embrace new trends in new technologies, thereby driving industry change as a whole.thereby driving the industry's transformation as a whole.As a supporting service provider in the retail industry, COSUN led a delegation to bring a number of advanced Signage system solutions to the retail industry, focusing on the display of image signs, luminous letters, licensing and other products. Of course, it is more important to introduce As a intelligent digital sign, in the new and popular retail industry, the digitalization trend of the Signage system has been widely applied and promoted, and the interaction between people and intelligent digital sign has become more and more convenient. This is also the root cause of the high attention of intelligent digital signs at the fair.

In the exhibition area of COSUN, it is not difficult to find a typical logical relationship. Whether it is a traditional sign product or a intelligent digital sign product, it is always carried out around the "guest, goods, and scenes" of the retail industry. The goal is clear, in order to realize the user's Convenient and fast shopping, through a series of Signage systems digital intelligent transformation to provide consumers with a better user experience, with practical actions to promote the digital transformation of the retail industry.

In the retail scene, especially in the new retail sector, the Signage systems is a very important part. The sign digital solution advocated by COSUN integrates traditional technologies such as sign, Internet and Internet of Things, in traditional retail and The new retail field can be freely selected, and the application landing project can also be customized according to the actual needs of the scene. In the aspects of intelligent counting, intelligent load bearing, intelligent settlement, intelligent payment, etc., the digital identification has the irreplaceable traditional sign. Advantage. In addition, in the field of business data analysis such as logistics and passenger flow, the imaginary space of smart signs will be more attractive. It can be judged that the application of smart signs can help retail, especially the new retail industry, accelerate transformation and upgrade.

Sign enable the new retail,This is not a slogan. In the past few years,COSUN has used actual actions in the layout, with the support of smart signs, traditional retail can be truly new to retail.

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