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A Brief Talk on the Balance between Functional Attributes and Visual Effects of Commercial Street


The modern commercial street is increasingly pursuing individualization, and the individualized differences have been amplified in an unprecedented way. This can highlight the characteristics of the business on the one hand, and the marketing effect through some kind of thinking resonance. Doing better, so all kinds of creative ideas have been widely promoted and applied by operators and settlers in the commercial street. These distinctive elements with distinctive characteristics need a carrier, and the carrier is undoubtedly the identification system. This is our main topic today, the commercial block identification system.

For a long time in the past, the commercial block identification system was relatively simple. On the one hand, there were not many people touching, so it is easier to accept new information. But gradually, the amount of information people have come into contact with has far exceeded our imagination, so under the premise of information flooding, if you want to stand out, you need more innovative ideas to achieve, then the visual effect of the commercial block identification system is not The better the new standard is, the better? I am afraid there is no standard answer to this question. From the perspective of the sign industry, it is usually necessary to find a balance point. The two ends of the balance point are the functional characteristics and visual effects of the identification system. In theory, the two should have the following 3 heavy relationship.

1. There is no opposite relationship between function and visual effect, but a mutually reinforcing relationship. In a specific building scene, the identification system is an indispensable component of the commercial block, and the practical value and artistic value coexist. This utility is mainly reflected in the user's path planning. For example, if you want to go to a certain business, you need to guide. This kind of user demand is clear, and when you further refine the user's needs, we will find that most users. More inclined to the delicate and beautiful signage, even if it only stays for a few seconds, this is already the highest treatment for the sign. Therefore, in a commercial street with a strong commercial atmosphere, the function and visual effect of the identification system are not isolated. From a certain perspective, it can be a progressive relationship. From another angle, it can be a complementary relationship and a mutually reinforcing relationship.

2, in the logical section of the focus function should focus on the function, focus on the art when focusing on the transmission of visual effects, it is easy to say, it may not be easy to implement, in the early stage of the design of the commercial district identification system, although the operator usually has a certain Project experience, but we found that there are no two identical commercial blocks in the offline entity, which means that the differences between the individual commercial blocks are very large, so the corresponding changes should be made to the specific identification system. It is not only necessary to distinguish according to the characteristics of the crowd, but also to combine the actual situation. For example, in the design of the macro layout diagram, it is more necessary to clearly convey the information to the user, so the functional attributes of the signboard It's even more important, but when it comes to a partial scene, the set sign should pay more attention to the visual effect, because this step will directly determine the user's willingness to consume;

3, multiple attributes together to provide services to users is fundamental, regardless of which attribute of the identification system, in the commercial block, the identity of the system is consistent, in a specific space through graphic symbols, colors, fonts, etc. Convergence, delivering valuable information to specific user groups. In general, to give people a sense of affinity and comfort, a good preliminary preparation is a necessary condition for later transactions;

A complete set of commercial street signage system should be a fusion of functional attributes and visual effects, and each has its own focus in the process of materialization. In addition to working on the raw materials, production techniques and artistic expression techniques, we must always think from the perspective of the user. Only for the sake of the users can the economic value desired by the commercial district be realized.

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