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How to write the Construction scheme of the large letters on the roof steel structure bracket ?


Through the previous knowledge analysis, we know some remarkable features of the large letters on the roof.Such as Large dead-weight,Large size,Complex Workmanship,Transportation and installation difficulty coefficient is high, etc.After understanding these things, You can understand  well why the large letters on the roof usually need a bracket to support the shell. Even the glass curtain wall is to be embedded in the bracket, but the bracket is not seen from the perspective of the audience.For those large letters on the roof that are installed on the top of a building, the steel structure bracket can usually be observed by the naked eye. The point of our sharing today is also at this point of knowledge. A mature sign manufacturer generally has a set of the large letters on the roof steel structure support installation scheme. The specific work can be carried out according to the plan designed in advance. The place to be reflected in the plan should include the following five aspects:

How to write the Construction scheme of the large letters on the roof steel structure bracket ?

1.Project Summary,Generally, it needs to be roughly described, including the durable years of the large letters on the roofbracket , the name of the two parties and the relevant responsible person and contact information.The data of the materials used for the steel structure, such as the number, size, welding method, dead-weight, color, etc., should be clearly and clearly written in the first part of the scheme;

2.Lifting method,the large letters is large and bulky,Need a stronger bracket to support,Therefore, the dead-weight of this steel structure bracket is usually larger than that of the large letters shell.As for how to hang up, it is the factory to form a one-time lifting, or the factory to separate transportation, lifting one by one, this detail needs to be clear, and reflected in the construction scheme;

3.List of tools and parts to use,For the super large-scale of the large letters on the roof project, the consumables, time-consuming and construction difficulty of the steel structure support are no less than the font part. The steel structure bracket can be used to effectively ensure the safety and stability of the shell, so the steel structure bracket is installed and constructed. The more specific the parts and related tools that need to be used, the more specific the fixing between the components is. The tools that need to be used in the welding are as clear as possible.

4.The on-site safety guarantee plan and the specific division of responsibilities are detailed, and each plan needs to be concreteized one by one. Safety is no small matter. The steel frame brackets on the top of the building are generally not small and the weight is not small. The risk factor of aerial work is higher than the risk factor of ordinary construction work on the ground. To ensure safe construction and civilized construction, a series of must be done. Security measures, the plan is written, the responsibility is to the person;

5.Acceptance standard,What projects must have an acceptance standard, what is considered qualified, what data is used to verify the check, and the only remaining funds can be obtained after passing the test. If there is any penalty clause, it should be clearly written in this plan. This is the common sense of business cooperation;

The following is a sample of the construction scheme for the installation of the large letters on the roof steel structure brackets. The specific data details can be supplemented by themselves:

1:Program overview

1.1、Project name

1.2、Party A (Contact and Contact Information)

1.3、Party B (Contact and Contact Information)

1.4、Construction time (start-finish)

2:Steel structure bracket related data



2.3、Accessories details

2.4、Related tool details

3:Transportation and lifting

3.1、Transport modes

3.2、Lifting method

3.3、Bracket assembly method

3.4、Bracket and building fixed modes

4:Safety guarantee


4.2、Site safety control plan

4.3、Safety measures for high-altitude workers

4.4、Emergency plan details

5:Acceptance standard

5.1、Reception time

5.2、Acceptance items and details

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