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Talking about the Role of Shopping Mall Commercial Signage System in Different Stages


Shopping centers are commonplace for us. The shopping malls are large in size, the types of investment are complex and diverse, and there is a relationship between them. The sign systems are important carriers for this relationship. At each stage of the diversion, the commercial signage system plays a different role for the shopping mall.

Talking about the Role of Shopping Mall Commercial Signage System in Different Stages

In the first stage, before the flow of people entering, the role of the sign system is to attract the attention of the crowd, and to bring in as many potential target groups as possible. The business sign is generally a large building sign, a large screen or a large light box. Attracting the flow of people is the main goal of the outdoor signage at this stage;

In the second stage, the crowd enters. The function of the sign system at this stage is to accurately guide the target group into the building. There are generally two channels from the outdoor entrance of the shopping center. One is the gate of the ground and the other is the underground parking lot. The guiding method of the former is very simple, usually the signboard of the entrance type is hung above the huge porch. This way of entering the underground parking lot is a little more complicated. In some scenarios, the sign system is even more important. Most shopping centers are located on the bustling sections of the street, so the entrance guidance of the underground parking lot must be clear and efficient. It starts from the important node diversion intersection. The entrance sign of the parking lot is generally hung at the top of the entrance. After entering the parking lot, the tag is passed. Divide the vehicle for parking, and then guide the customer to the mall through a series of elevator guide signs.

In the third stage, look for a destination. In most cases, people who entered the mall have direct consumption goals. For this group, the first thing after entering the door is to find the destination. At this time, the role of the sign system should clearly show the target merchant.And tell them which position should they go.

The fourth stage, cross-promotional promotion. This kind of business sign is usually a diversion billboard designed by different types of merchants in the same shopping mall. For example, some store invitations and activity introduction plate are also very obvious. After the customers buy some products, they may have other related consumer needs. As a business, you should show the services that you can provide, so that people can see and be attracted at a glance.

The fifth stage, leaving the building. At this time, the export-related signage will play a role. It is just the opposite of the entrance, which is divided into the ground walking exit and the underground parking lot exit. The ground-type walking exit is usually the same as the entrance gate, but is suspended on both sides. The signage is different. The underground parking lot is slightly different. Some are shared entrances and exits, two-way traffic, and some are one-way streets. The entrances and exits are set at different locations. In general, the departure sign can be clearly set.

The path of consumers in the shopping center cannot be completely designed. Everyone has their own different consumption habits, so the role of the sign system will be different. For example, some people do not follow the directions, because there may be a more attractive place. This situation deviates from the path preset by the signboard, but at this time the consumer does not give up the originally expected consumption. To maximize its value, the mall's commercial identity system should be able to guide consumers to their destinations clearly and quickly.

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