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An article read what is a Intelligent identification


The supply-side structural reform strategy has been promoted for several years, and all walks of life are pondering how to come. The traditional manufacturing industry is currently facing the dual pressure of weak consumption growth and demographic dividends, and has to find new growth points.For the sign industry, following the pace of intelligence may be a good choice. In the trend of the Internet of Everything, the home furnishing industry has already taken the lead in action. The market for IOT terminal products in the scene of the head enterprise has performed well. The marking industry has already emerged as a pathfinder like COSUN, and actively expands the Intelligent identification market.

An article read what is a Intelligent identification

Generally speaking, Intelligent identification is also called Digimarc. Intelligent identification is a product that uses Internet thinking and technology to innovate traditional sign. It can refer to the relationship between smart phone and mechanical button mobile phone. It is also called sign, traditional sign. Products can only transmit information through visual, touch, etc., and the process of information transfer is usually mechanical and rigid, and the information on the sign is usually immutable, that is, what kind of pattern or words is made, and later It has been fixed, the user has no sense of participation and gain, and can not meet the individual needs of the user.Digital intelligent identification is just the opposite. Networking is a major feature of intelligent identification. Without the network, it is difficult to be completely intelligent. On the basis of networking, intelligent identification can directly interact with audience users. The user's relevant instructions can accurately identify and respond accordingly. This is similar to the current popular AI artificial intelligence technology. Under the dual technology blessing of deep learning and network, the smart logo should be a high-end digital product in the future. The impression that traditional sign products belong to the low-end manufacturing industry, the evolution of this cognitive process has been widely verified in smart home products.

From a narrow perspective, if you use the scene to interpret, the Intelligent identification can have two meanings:

The first is for commercial establishments. The smart logo is similar to the traditional building elevator advertisement machine in the past, but the use scene is more in large commercial places, and additional functions such as guide guidance and recommendation sorting are added.The Intelligent identification in this scenario should be a new type of sign product that integrates the advertisement and the guide.Different from the traditional advertising machine, the simple and rude sweeping advertising machine of Focus Media essentially transfers the psoriasis on the previous telephone poles, walls and manhole covers to the LED screen. A few years ago, this was a great change. Jiang Nanchun also earned a lot of money and embarked on the peak of his life.

Now it's different. Commercial complexes and large shopping malls are springing up like mushrooms. One is bigger than one. When the volume of such buildings reaches a certain level, the customer group must find the location they want to go. It's a bit complicated, it's not so easy to find, or when users are faced with the problem of not knowing where to go or which one to choose, they need a recommendation sorting and guidance. In essence, everyone is the same, the future Intelligent identification is large. The application space of commercial places is not small, so the intelligent identification system will be promising.

The second is for the public service category. The Intelligent identification should be a guide sign with deep interactive performance. This deep interaction performance is mainly reflected in the interaction between the sign and the person, so that the user has enough participation. And the sense of gain, fundamentally change the situation of the traditional cold sign products in the past, users can not participate, can only accept mechanically. Such scene-based Intelligent identification products can generally be placed in social related public service places such as libraries, schools, hospitals, stadiums, concert halls and art galleries.

Above we have detailed answers to the question "What is Intelligent identification" from a broad and narrow perspective. I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding and understanding of the concept and meaning of  Intelligent identification.

Regardless of the definition of Intelligent identification from any angle, Intelligent identification have one thing in common, that is, "intelligence", there are some differences in the way different aspects are intelligently reflected, such as image recognition, speech recognition, information transmission and Processing, network accurate positioning and guiding information output methods have great innovation space. Different usage scenarios need to be intelligent according to individual needs, which can provide users with more efficient and convenient services. It is the fundamental starting point for the design of Intelligent identification products, which makes the interaction more smooth and makes the user experience more pleasant. This Intelligent identification is successful.

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