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Quotation list of COSUN LED luminous letters


Outdoor advertising has experienced the stage of wooden signage, paper signage and fabric signage. Nowadays, people have entered the era of LED letters. LED luminous letters have good visual effects, and with the rapid development of the real estate industry, we can always see all kinds of luminous letter when we walk down the street. For some businesses, having a well-designed illuminated sign not only attracts customers to stop by, but also adds a beautiful view to the city. Making a suitable luminous sign is already a must for the business, so how to calculate the price when purchases the LED luminous letters, How not to be fooled? The following is a detailed description of the the costs involved in the quotation of the luminous letters.

Quotation list of COSUN LED luminous letters

For conventional types of LED letters, if there is no unconventional requirement, the quotation calculation method is roughly equivalent, and the cost mainly involves various processes such as design, selection and use of material, the difficulty of the process, installation requirements and after-sales, etc.

First, the design cost. Some of the designs are provided by the design company. If design is needed, the two parties need to negotiate to determine the design cost. For the manufacturer, the designer's labor cost is the basic calculation standard, and ultimately reflected in the final price.

Second, the cost of materials. With the same led letter, different materials and processes can be used. The price of different choices is quite different. Therefore, in the initial stage of the project, the details of all materials must be clarified before the quotation. In general, the main raw materials for making LED letters involve LED light source, metal plates, and acrylic sheets.

Third, the cost of the brackets. Small LED letters can be fixed directly on the mounting surface with the screw, but large LED letters are usually heavy and must be strictly calculated the load bearing to ensure the safety of the product. The fixing brackets of the led luminous letters are generally welded by channel steel or angle steel, and each type of steel has various markings. The quality of the brackets produced by different manufacturers is not the same, so the cost will be different.

Fourth, transportation and installation. Most of the customers do not have professional installers, so the shipping and installation costs are generally included in the quotes for the letters. The led luminous letters used in the exterior walls of high-rise buildings need to be completed with professional telescopic booms or large tower cranes. High-altitude work intensity and high risk also directly lead to high cost of the products.

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