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The Meaning and Value of Pattern Symbols in the Mainstream Directional Sign


In the guiding identification system, the content on the identification plate is the pattern symbol except the text, the text does not need to be interpreted too much, the text itself is used to express the relevant meaning, but the pattern symbol is different, and many pattern symbols in the identification system are not From the beginning, it has some kind of image value, but gradually forms a certain meaning in the long-term use process, so as to realize the transmission of relevant information points. In the field of public-oriented identification, one of our most common symbols should be the arrow. The arrow is not a text. It is a typical pattern symbol. It represents the orientation of the orientation. Even people who have no sense of direction can read the sign. The direction of the arrow above the card, this is the intrinsic value of the pattern symbol. In the guiding identification system, there are still a lot of pattern symbols with similar functions. We organize and share the three major categories in the market.

The Meaning and Value of Pattern Symbols in the Mainstream Directional Sign

1, the arrow pattern, also mentioned the common pattern symbol of the arrow, because this pattern is a category with a large proportion in the guiding identification system, so it needs to be listed separately, no matter how the sign designer artistically arrows the element. Performance, people can almost get intuitive information from the arrow, where to go, follow the arrow to go right, the guiding sign is the effect;

2, bathroom pattern, in public places, bathroom-related signage is also an important part of the entire guiding sign system, and as long as we pay attention to it will find an interesting phenomenon, many bathroom signs do not have "toilet" or "toilet""This kind of text is displayed in the form of two male and female graphic symbols. In fact, this does not bring trouble to people because of the lack of text. On the contrary, many public places are appropriately artistic on the pattern symbols. The effect is more aesthetic and affinitive than the text, which makes people feel that the toilet can also be tall. If you follow the old concept of the past, you may not be able to achieve this effect. The credit of the pattern symbol is not small;

3, traffic patterns, traffic is closely related to our daily lives, in fact, we are dealing with traffic signs every day, but this process has not been concerned by ordinary people, why is there such a phenomenon? The main reason is that people are used to Which traffic symbols are used, and can also understand what they mean, for example, on the roadside near the highway service area, there will usually be a special signboard for the service area, most of which will have 4 patterns, one letter "P ", a refueling barrel, a pair of knives and forks, a wrench, respectively, can represent the designated service area to park, can refuel, can repair the car, can eat, and if the content is expressed by words, it may be relatively rigid And, and other road signs will confess to each other, there is no distinction. In other scenes, there are many patterns and symbols in the traffic class. There are more on the municipal roads, especially the signage of the prohibition class. The patterns on the signboard are basically included in the scope of the driver's license test. Ensure the promotion and application of key pattern symbols;

In the guiding identification system, many scened signboards not only need to express the text material, especially for the young people, but also tend to use the relevant pattern symbol elements. To some extent, the use of pattern symbols is more Conducive to the expression of artistic effects, the use of pattern symbols to convey different emotional colors is much simpler than the text style, and the audience can easily accept the pattern symbols on the signboard. This phenomenon is also the result of market selection.

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