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How exactly are luminous letters on the roof of Shenzhen’s Uniworld installed?


When you travel from Futian District of Shenzhen and pass the Meilin Checkpoint, you will be arriving at Longhua, also known as the “center of the universe”. Home prices in Longhua recorded a staggering growth of 2,000% during the past ten years, outpacing all other districts in Shenzhen, thanks to its strategic location and the establishment of Shenzhen North railway station. It has now become an independent district (previously it belonged to Bao’an District), and Longhua’s future looks even brighter. In response to Shenzhen government’s transformation and upgrade push, manufacturing companies in Longhua have been relocated elsewhere in recent years. We are now seeing massive reconstruction works, metro lines development and high-end commercial centers in the district. Today, I would like to mention the Uniworld on the northeast side of the intersection of Longhua Renmin Road and Jinglong Jianshe Road. Why? First, it breaks several records in Longhua. The 60,000 sqm commercial cluster is the largest in the entire district. Second, luminous letter on the roof of Uniworld is designed and installed by Cosun Sign. We have mentioned the design and preparation of these luminous letters in other articles, so today I will mainly talk about how we have installed these letters on the roof of Uniworld.

How exactly are luminous letters on the roof of Shenzhen’s Uniworld installed?

The scope of Cosun’s Uniworld Signage project includes four luminous letters of “Yifang Tiandi” on the external wall of the roof, and large merchant guiding signages at the square. The luminous letters are made of high-quality stainless steel. LED modules are used to ensure the luminous effect at night. The installation is quite difficult as the letters are heavy and cover an area of almost 100 sqm. We have followed these four installation steps below:

1) A 50-meter cordon has been put in place at the square, and pedestrians and vehicles have been asked not to enter the site to prevent safety accidents from working at height.

2) All workers wear helmets and work uniforms distributed by Cosun. Those working at height have fastened their safety belts and followed the plan carefully.

3) The letters and workers are lifted by the crane to pre-defined locations at the Uniworld. Workers start welding and screwing to ensure letters are firmly installed.  

4) Test display effect of these letters and debug lighting in different conditions and help the client with final acceptance.

At last, with our co-ordinated efforts, the luminous letters installed at the roof top of Uniworld become a success, in line with the client’s high-end positioning of this project. The letters have good visual impact at night and are colorful. The three-dimensional sense is strong, and the brand images can be well received by pedestrians and vehicles passing Longhua Renmin Road and Jinglong Jianshe Road.

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