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What are the "intelligent" aspects of digital signage?


In the past few days, we have been discussing all aspects of digital signage, including the development direction and functions, physical components, and so on. And we have a better understanding of digital signage as a whole. In fact, for people who are not in the sign industry, it is really unnecessary to understand the technical details of smart signs, the understanding should not be how the underlying technology is implemented, how the process is made, and how to develop in the future, but as an ordinary user, what we want to know is where is the "intelligence"of digital signage.And here are some points we shared on this issue:

What are the "intelligent" aspects of digital signage?

1. Interesting interactive experience. This experience does not existing in the world of traditional signs. When we see ordinary signs, we generally leave at a glance. The interactive experience is basically impossible. There is neither fun nor motivation to find fun. However, digital signage are just the opposite. Some digital signage with entertainment attributes are difficult to prevent people from experiencing, which shows that traditional signs and digital signage have completely different feelings.The related features of the digital signage were also introduced earlier. In many scenarios, users can wave their hands, shake their heads, or sing a song. At this time, the digital signage is no longer an icy machine.It can interact with people, could this be a good experience for the user?

2. Applications are extensible. Different places of use have different requirements for digital signage, but the outward appearance can be the same. So how to differentiatethem, just do it from the application. This is similar to our smart phone. Everyone’s needs cannot be exactly the same, but the mobile phone does not need to be customized for everyone, but only needs to install the application they want.

3. Real-time information can be updated dynamically. If digital signage can dynamically display some information, it is also a manifestation of intelligence. For example, if we want to dynamically display weather information in real time, how can we achieve this? Traditional signs can't do this no matter how they are designed and manufactured, but smart signs can easily achieve. We only need to connect the digital signage to the network, and then load the corresponding program to call the weather information., then what people see is the dynamically updated information.

With the iterative upgrading of upstream and downstream technologies of the sign industry, the development of digital signage will take another step. The experience directly brought to people should be higher recognition accuracy, faster computing speed, and faster response time, so that the machine can work according to the user's instructions to generate the next behavior. This is not only the ability that traditional identification does not have, but also can bring infinite joy to people. In the past, key-press phones were used to make calls, but today's smart phones are not just this function; Similarly, the past signs are used for guidance, and how can the future intelligent signs evolve, this is a question that all of us who are in the sign industry should think about.

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