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The relationship between the functional attributes and commercial attributes of shopping mall


The shopping mall signage system is a relatively large concept, and the guidance system is the closest to the user, so it is necessary for us to discuss it separately.Under normal circumstances, shopping mall direction signage systems are an objective signboard integration in a specific space and environment. In order to effectively highlight their unique value, some art elements and business elements have been added. Art elements are in these the role of the value of the starting point image in the signboard is usually increased. operators usually hope to attract more customers through certain artistic methods.On the other hand, commercial elements focus on conversion and realization. shopping mall direction signage have two important attributes, functional and commercial. What is the relationship between these two attributes? In the implementation of the specific guided-sign system project, how can the parties A and B properly arrange the proportion of the two, How to bring out the desired effect of the shopping center operator is an early issue, and the core of the problem is to understand the relationship between the two.The following editors interpret the relationship between the functionality and commerciality of shopping mall direction signage from three aspects:

First relationship,Mutually independent relationship,In shopping mall direction signage

systems,The sign we often see may be an arrow, and the arrow usually appears along with the name of the target place. It can be said that it is a combination. If we consider this combination as a whole, the whole is large in the shopping mall. The environment is actually completely independent and has no commercial attributes. We can simply understand this sign as a guide to provide users with direction. Therefore, the functional attributes are far greater than the commercial attributes at this level. That is, the independent relationship we mentioned;

Secondary relationship,Interdependent relationship,In shopping mall direction signage

systems, If the identification plate in the system is separated, the full expected effect cannot be achieved.From a logical perspective, functional attributes are actually a stepping stone for commercial attributes. When the design is not reasonable, the commercial attributes can feed back problem information to the functional attributes. Without functional attributes, there is no pipeline for commercial attributes. Conversely, without commercial attributes, functional attributes lose commercial value. This is not the result that shopping mall operators want to see;

Third relationship,Mutually reinforcing relationship,In shopping mall direction signage

systems,Since the functional attributes and commercial attributes are independent and interdependent relationships, the collision of this dual relationship will definitely bring some new changes. This change can be understood as a new relationship, which is mutually promoting. Relationship, because my existence makes you better. What a wonderful relationship. Any object can be changed and the relationship can be applied. This is the charm of the relationship that promotes each other. The best relationship between attributes;

In shopping mall direction signage systems,The abstract attributes may not be so easy to understand. It is also difficult to understand their relationship, but we can analogize and make the abstract relationship concrete and anthropomorphic. This problem becomes very simple. In most shopping malls In this kind of business place, The functional attributes and business attributes of the guided identification system are fused together. The independent relationship between the individual's own existence and the mutually-promoting interdependence is not contradictory, but rather a healthy relationship rule that is in line with business rules.

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