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Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center has been certified as “the world's tallest office building”


In the centuries-old history of the last century, the term "skyscraper" belongs only to the United States. With the rapid development of economic globalization, China has used ultra-low-cost production materials and cheap labor to step on the rhythm and get on the express train. A remarkable achievement. Over time, the skyscraper boom of the United States on the other side of the ocean has receded. Instead, the Middle East and China launched a high-rise competition.

Shenzhen, which is in its youth, is also the seed of this competition. On April 8th, yesterday, it delivered a proud answer. The Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center, which was awarded the “World's Highest Office Building” certification,  projects has nearly 600 meters. The height of the meter has become the landmark building in Shenzhen. It has easily crushed the global competitors. The Khalīfa tower and the Khalīfa tower are inferior. The 324.8-meter Diwang Building in Shenzhen and the 441.8-meter KingKey100 can only look up. This safe to start insurance is really not simple. Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center was officially awarded the “World's Highest Office Building”, “The Highest Building in South China”, “Best Tall Building Excellence Award in 2019” by the World High-rise Building and Urban Habitat Society (CTBUH). "Three certifications.

The authoritative certification body is the non-profit international organization "Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)". At this awarding ceremony, CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts expressed his inner joy to the certification of Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center. Shenzhen, a vibrant city, appreciates the fact that Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center is a landmark building in Shenzhen. It is a deserved award for this certification and a strong proof of modern high-rise building technology. Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center has demonstrated a new development concept in terms of architectural design, construction and operation. Based in Shenzhen, it radiates Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and will surely be included in the history of world skyscraper development.

Ren Huichuan, the general manager of Ping An Group, said at the ceremony that Ping An Financial Center refreshed the city skyline of Shenzhen and showed the world a new look of the place of reform and opening up and the city of innovation. Shenzhen Height, Shenzhen Zhizhi. It is reported that a number of black technologies in the buildings of Ping An Financial Center have been completed by local related enterprises. At the unveiling ceremony, the certification signboard close to two meters high was manufactured by SHENZHEN COSUN SIGN, and some of the certification signs are made below. Analysis of the details.

After several days of hard work, SHENZHEN COSUN SIGN completed the production and on-site installation of the certification label on time and in accordance with the requirements of Party A of Ping An Financial Center Project. The production process adopted a number of leading logo production processes. The far-sighted signs gives the first impression of metal texture, followed by the materials that meet the relevant attributes of the certification body and Ping An Financial Institution. At the height of about three-quarters of the certification sign, there is an obvious dividing line. The upper part of the dividing line is the protagonist of this time, the full name of “Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center” and its logo, and the upper right corner is the brand of Ping An. Logo, the first line is "China Ping An", the second line is the Chinese Pinyin "PINGAN", the color tone is slightly discussed, to highlight the protagonist of this certification is the full name of this building. Below the dividing line are the names of the certification body and the three certification projects, the certification height and completion time of the building, and the next step is the signature of the certification body CTBUH Chairman Walker and CEO Wood. Cosun Sign was carved in advance. At the bottom of the certification sign is the illustration of the other nine of the world's tallest office buildings as of February 2017. The lower right corner of the certification signboard is the official website of the World Association of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

The successful holding of the certification ceremony was highly recognized by Ping An Group and the certification parties and the community. The certification sign produced by SHENZHEN COSUN SIGN was indispensable. Ping An said that it is necessary to use technology to empower space assets and asset management; SHENZHEN COSUN SIGN said that it is necessary to enlighten the city with ingenuity.

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