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How to calculate the price of the roof lighting word? How much is a square?


How to calculate the price of the glowing word on the roof, how much is a square? This is a problem that many customers are concerned about. The quality of goods and services is nothing more than quality, price and service. The price is a quantitative indicator of money. The sensitivity of customers to numbers is usually higher because of quantification. The letters on the roof are essentially different from other products. The needs of each customer are different, so the products are personalized. In addition, the equipment of each label manufacturer is not the same, the implementation of the process is slightly different, and the quality management system is also different. These are the factors that cause the price of the roof to shine differently.

How to calculate the price of the roof lighting word? How much is a square?

How to calculate the price of the building's luminous words? Sell by one or by square? At present, the quotation schemes on the market are varied. Many merchants report an ultra-low-priced introduction, and all kinds of fare increase in the middle, especially those who are bidding on search engines, playing a few hundred a square gimmick advertisement, the actual price is often done. To be turned over several times, the real roof-top luminous characters are more than a few hundred. The cost of the roof-top luminous characters is much higher than that of the floor-to-door shop-leading letters, mainly reflected in the quality of raw materials, the quality of LED light sources, Anti-rust and waterproof process, high-altitude operation and after-sales maintenance, etc. These are the added value of the roof-mounted letters. Responsible large-scale label manufacturers will inform customers of these hidden costs clearly, and the specific price calculation method as follows.

The basic basis is generally the area and consumables of the roof's luminous characters. The calculation method of the area is usually based on the largest cross-sectional area, because most of the top-floor luminous characters are three-dimensional, as long as they are not cubes of equal length, width and height, basically There will be a section with the largest area. After the width and height of this surface are multiplied, the area of the section is calculated. The basic basis for calculating the price of the floor-emitting word is coming out. The next step is to calculate the price according to the area. It consists of the following three main components.

The first part, the price of the shell consumables, the roof of the illuminated letter shell is mostly made of iron, galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum, so you need to determine the type of the board and the specific label and thickness requirements, so In order to calculate the price of the shell consumables on the basis of the area, in general, the market price of the letter shell part of the roof top is mainly concentrated in the range of 750 yuan / square - 1500 yuan / square, and the items of special requirements may exceed In this category, this may be the best answer to the question "How much is the square of the word on the roof?"

The second part, the price of components such as light source and power supply, the quality of products produced by different light sources and power supply wire suppliers, there is a huge difference, the price is naturally different, which component of the sign manufacturer directly determines the roof lighting The quality of the word is high or low. This is the essence or the cost. If the roof-printing word makers have no money to earn and barely win the order, they will inevitably use inferior and low-priced parts and related consumables. In addition to the word shell in the price, the number of brand models of other parts and so on need to be clear, and calculate the total price of this part;

The third part, the price of transportation installation and after-sales, may be that some small stores do not have this fee, saying that we provide these services free of charge, and imagine how it is possible. The things that fall off the pie in the sky will not appear. The letters on the roof are generally heavy and bulky. Not only do they require a lot of manpower, but they also need to be installed with large mechanical lifting equipment. These are the costs and the floor. An important part of the price of the top luminous word. For the construction project of the high-rise building roof, the construction cost of a single square installation may be higher than the cost of the shell itself, which is a normal phenomenon. In addition, the scope and duration of after-sales service, this also requires cost, the cost must be reflected in the price, talk about money does not hurt feelings, clear account is the embodiment of responsibility;

Seeing here, we have a clearer understanding of the calculation method of the price of the luminous characters on the roof. The question of "how much is a square" is actually unscientific, and the price calculation must establish the basis of various consumables and processes. On the top of the search engine, those bidding advertisements that say hundreds of dollars and one square of the roof will not find such a thing, and those who say that they want to provide a variety of services for free, the super-normal Unrealistic promises, the hype of product effects, really wait for the customer to pay, only to find that the promise before payment can not be fulfilled, in the business world, the promise of not fulfilling means that everyone can imagine, the world is not regret medicine.

In short, when communicating with the manufacturer of the building's luminous characters, the price is not as low as possible, nor is the price higher. The important thing is to ensure that the price and value are matched, and the various consumables and quality acceptance details. It is necessary to agree on a written document, and to make it clear and uncontroversial item by item. When it comes to doing it, the bad business that has been squandered and squandered is excluded from the source.

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