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Shanghai Jingan store unified signage is complained about the style of the cemetery


Just over the past weekend,In addition to a few celebrity gossips, the hot spots in the hot search list are happening in the black-and-white shop in Changde Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai.What exactly happened?With curiosity, the author went to the scene with his friends to see the scene. The incident occurred in Changde Road, Jing'an District. The building is the Jing'an District Workers' Cultural Palace. It seems to have some sense of time, and the estimated year is not low.It is reported that a campaign to unify street plaques will be kicked off nationwide, and it is not good to discuss this matter.The following is a matter of discussion, Shanghai Jing'an, this time it seems that I want to be a good model of the era, take the lead in action, take the first floor of the entire building of the Workers' Cultural Palace, simple and rude white on a black background, tens of meters of black bottom up the shop White letters on white sides, different businesses use a white vertical line to divide, the special personality is not to talk about, but even more terrible is that it looks like a netizen spit, the first look makes people think of the cemetery, not the specific The brand and connotation that merchants want to present.The roadside is bare, there is no green belt sidewalk greenway, the narrow road middle isolation belt is covered with white plastic flower pots, the flowers inside are pale yellow, and the color of the chrysanthemum is somewhat similar, which makes people more imaginative, the whole People feel bad, how can they go to the store to eat and consume?

The people who eat melons have always been relatively leisurely at the weekend, and they are complaining about the peak period. Therefore, once the "shop signboard black and white" incident was caught by them, the headline is a matter of minutes. Jingan District, the protagonist of the incident, may not have thought that he would become a network celebrity and was caught off guard.However, the amateurs finally played professional players. Soon, the Jing'an District Federation of Trade Unions announced on the official WeChat public account on Sunday that they went to the site to verify the matter and pointed out that the relevant departments did not consider it adequately. A few hours after the release, the official Weibo named “Shanghai Jing’an” responded urgently at 00:22 in the morning. The full text is as follows:

[Response to the design of Changde Road store recruiting store brand caused some netizens to pay attention to the discussion] Today, the design of Changde Road signboard caused some netizens to discuss. The District Federation of Trade Unions attached great importance to this. After on-site verification, it was not enough to consider the color matching of the store's store design in the process of renovating the facade of the District Workers' Cultural Palace. Jing'an District sincerely accepted the opinions of netizens and instructed the District Workers Cultural Palace to rectify in time. (Source: Jinggonghui)

In the middle of the night, he wrote a literary force to turn the tide, effectively curbing the further fermentation of the roadside signage event. The author admired it. With one arrow and more carvings, it gave a response to the above. We are fully implementing that and can be at the time of the wave. When the vibrating arm called, he accepted criticism and called the party Xiao Wang Xiao Zhang to immediately rectify, first dismantled, and then returned again, fame and fortune. When we don't talk, we look at it quietly and see what netizens say:

A netizen from Shenzhen, Guangdong, "having an attitude netizen 06vQbP" said: It seems that the style of the funeral parlour is the same. If you put a flower basket at the opening of the entrance, it is more like.

Another Netease Shanghai netizen said: Well, it is very similar, this leadership taste is very different, hh.

A Ningbo netizen bluntly said: Hey, you can earn.

Fujian Xiamen netizen "1773 game cleaners" combined with local reality: Xiamen is also so changed, do not know how to think.

? In other words, the curtain has opened, who can stop it, since it is necessary to unify it, can you do it well? Maybe the answer is yes,But you can't say one thing and do another,The Cosun Sign has been cultivated for more than 20 years in the industry. It specializes in the design and production of various types of logos. It is as small as a roadside booth, and it has a large number of skyscrapers with hundreds of square meters of VI logos and roof-mounted luminous characters. Has accumulated a wealth of logo design and production experience.Regardless of the size of the project, the past and the future, there will be no black-and-white cloth placards in the game. Even if Party A does not have the expertise, it cannot clearly describe and express its own needs. Cosun professional staff will also actively provide design ideas and a variety of alternatives for Party A to choose, in each link for the sake of customers, thoughtful, not perfect, only to improve.

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