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Do you have to choose an LED light source for the large-scale building?


Once upon a time there was a song to sing, and the moonlight in the city illuminated the dream. And when I walked to the streets to see the moon and the sky, I found that they were not so charming. The glory of the moon is inconspicuous in the endless darkness, but it seems a bit sad; in the evening, when the lights are on, when we walk to the streets surrounded by buildings, the colorful neon lights outline the city and form a beautiful picture. Charming outside, looking up at the moon in the sky, the wonderful combination of gentle moonlight and beam of light. Closer to home, led letters have played an important role in the process of lighting up the night sky. Among them, Large letter on the roof is illuminated at a higher height, which makes people's vision more broad, and with the problems of light pollution and global warming, Nowadays, people pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. However, there are always people who are constantly manufacturing products that are contrary to energy conservation and environmental protection. There are always things that are unsatisfactory in the world. Today's key issues have come. Do you have to choose LED light sources for these large-scale buildings?

Do you have to choose an LED light source for the large-scale building?

From the commercial point of view, the big characters on the top of the building still have better lighting effects, and the luminous effects can be expressed in a variety of ways. LED light sources are one of them. Under normal circumstances, there is a clear difference between LED light source and non-LED light source. Before answering the question of whether to choose LED light source on the top of the building, we first compare LED light source and non-LED light source from three angles.

1. From the perspective of energy saving, after decades of development, the traditional light source has gradually faded out of the market. One of the important reasons is the energy consumption problem, and on the other hand, there are also luminous effects. For example, Large letter on the roof needs Using 200 led lights, each lamp has a power of 0.1W, then the total energy consumption of thisletters is 20W, which is equivalent to the power consumption of a traditional incandescent lamp, but a traditional incandescent lamp cannot To solve the problem of illuminating Large letter on the roof, from the perspective of energy saving and realistic effects, LED light source has become an inevitable choice;

2. From a safety point of view, the traditional light source has no transformer and is directly connected to the 220V voltage line. If a certain link fails, the safety risk is relatively high. However, the working voltage of the LED light source is far lower than that of the traditional light source, and the basic safety voltage is below 36V, and the matched LED transformers work together, thus ensuring the safety of the LED while ensuring the safety of the personnel. From this point of view, the LED light source wins another game;

3. From the perspective of service life, the traditional light source working process is high voltage and high current, accompanied by high power consumption and high heat, which obviously adversely affect the products to which the light source is attached. The LED light source is just the opposite. The low voltage, the small current, the corresponding power consumption is also small, and the heat generation is also much smaller. Whether it is for the LED light source product itself or Large letter on the roof, the service life will be longer;

It can be seen that the LED light source has three wins in three games compared to the non-LED light source. A modern building with Large letter on the roof with a light source, no need to write an answer, the market gives the answer, both sides can also understand. LED lightsource itself is cheap, low cost of use, energy saving, environmentally safe and durable, the key is that the lighting effect is good, can not choose?

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