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What are the classifications of the orientation identification system by function?


The signs of the guide signs can be seen everywhere in our lives. With or without arrows, the guide signs are always convenient for people's daily lives. At the same time, part of the guiding signboard has a certain degree of decorative effect in addition to the guiding direction, and can also be understood as ornamental value. Of course, this kind of sign product is usually designed to be not a simple and rude roadside sign. Although the roadside sign can be made to be ornamental, it cannot be comprehensive based on multiple factors such as cost and management review.

What are the classifications of the orientation identification system by function?

The value of the guiding identity system can only be reflected in the process of use. This embodiment may be to help people reach a certain destination. What is the specific way of expression? This requires looking at the user's specific needs and the type of signboard currently facing. This is also the point of knowledge that we want to focus on today. Generally speaking, the navigation system can be divided into the following five types according to their functions.

1, plane schematic signboard, this signage occupies an important position in the front end of the guiding sign system, and the time of interaction with the user is also at the front end. The more common school plan, the plan view of the park scenic area, the hospital plan view, large business The location map of the location of the business, etc., belongs to the scope of this schematic diagram, and is made into the sign of each style, placed at the appropriate position at the entrance, which is a concrete embodiment of the function of the guide sign;

2, public places instructions and service signs, the relevant public places are usually concentrated areas, such as airports, subway stations, bus stations and other transportation hubs. Some of these signs have no arrows, but they also have guiding functions. For example, the signs on the bus stop and the subway platform, the information marked above is generally the information of the past site and the transfer site of the vehicle, without arrows, but can It is very clear to inform passengers which station they need to take. There are also clear signs with arrow pointing. In the transportation hubs such as train stations or airports, you can usually see a large number of signs and service-related signboards. This is usually a mixture of service content and arrows, which is convenient for people. Quickly find the service you need and follow the arrow to get it exactly;

3, traffic direction signs, travel is related to traffic, and the sign products that are inseparable from our life may be the traffic direction sign, but most people do not take it when they are using it. The general traffic direction sign has a clear arrow pointing. The specific arrow will be marked with the corresponding orientation of the building or place name. The figure of the signboard can be seen on the expressway or ordinary municipal road, which brings us to our daily life great convenience;

4, the order prohibits the signage, in some temporary construction or special circumstances of the sections and sections, you can see this type of signage, such as "front road repair, please bypass the road", or set up a huge sign Inform people about the ins and outs of this incident, and ask people in need to re-plan the traffic lines. This kind of guide sign is a typical forbidden sign, because it also has a guiding role, so it is also collectively referred to as the guiding sign system;

5, the propaganda type signboard, at the end of the guiding sign system is generally such a type of propaganda type signboard, for example, the introduction card and the welcome card of some specific functional places can be divided into the propaganda type signboard, such mark Cards are generally used to directly recommend and introduce specific scenes or places to attract people to stop or enter the place;

As cities become larger and larger, transportation networks and public spaces are becoming more and more complex, no matter where we are, we are no longer able to leave the service of the signage. The guiding identification system can be a very simple arrow, or it can be a very complicated and large integrated system engineering. Regardless of whether it is logically divided or classified according to functional attributes, it has its own reason and can provide people with real services. It will never change.

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