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What are the components of a Commercial Real Estate Sign?


Commercial Real Estate is a big concept. If you look at it broadly, almost all buildings of the city can be defined as Commercial Real Estate, everything is priced clearly, if it is not commercial, what is? However, in a narrow sense, we generally call some building projects as Commercial Real Estate, such as shopping mall, office complex and hotel. The signage project is an indispensable part of commercial real estate and plays a important role in the operation of modern commercial real estate projects. The common types we know should be residence and shopping centers. We can also take advantage of the convenience of commercial real estate logos from these projects. These conveniences are not out of thin air, but a large number of hard works of signage man. Today we use Cosun’s considerable experience of commercial real estate sign projects as a reference to sort out the six main components of the commercial real estate sign, as follows:

1, The roof or curtain wall building sign, for large commercial real estate projects, the general volume is not too small, so the operator's expected range of radiation will not be too small, according to the current status, most real estate operator will set its own logo or brand on the roof of the building or the curtain wall. On the one hand, it will enhance its brand influence, on the other hand, it can guide the potential consumer groups from a long distance. The size is relatively large, the pattern or text symbol is simple and intuitive, to achieve the goal that the human can recognize it in a very short time;

2, The traffics signs, logically speaking, when the crowd is attracted to the commercial real estate, it may be 500 meters, or a larger scope, then you need to have a clear traffic guidance sign to inform specific people How to get to the destination smoothly, especially for the driver, need more precise orientation guidance. In short, the goal of these traffic signs is to bring the intended user group into the door smoothly;

3, Parking sign, we have a detailed description in previous title, and today's focus is on the commercial real estate sign, so the parking lot logo is taken over, the parking sign is mainly convenient for the owner to enter the parking, The best condition is not to let the driver circle around the parking lot, through the precise guidance of the parking lot identification system, one step in place;

4, Interior guide sign, no matter what type of commercial real estate, if people come in, definitely need to divert different groups of people according to the service category, then you need the interior guide sign, may be The commercial real estate project has a series of display signs or location distribution signs. It can also be some personalized creative space. It will attract more popularity after use. At the right time, it will transform the remaining people, pull new, retain, and transform, wherever it applies, especially in business situations;

5, Function sign, these are usually used in the specific functional division of commercial real estate sites, for example, in the bathroom should have a customary related room number, the specific stores should also have their own room sign and logo, the room sign is convenient to be located and managed, store logo can reflect a personality element, and some public spaces may have a lot of advertising light boxes, or specific functions set by the operator;

6, Warningsign, although this component is relatively small in the signage system, but of great importance, such as there is a "Do not lean on the elevator" sign near to the elevator, there are “save water” and “pay attention to hygiene” signs in the bathroom, the fire equipment will also have a clear corresponding logo. In addition, in the modern large-scale commercial real estate projects, because they are densely populated places, almost every location have escape route evacuation signs, which can be divided into warning signs, which makes upthe commercial real estate signage system;

In fact, over a long period of time in the past, many commercial real estate sites have a special component in addition to the above six components, that is, the no-smokingsign, but in recent years it seems that this logo has become less, it’s hard to see the non-smoking sign in many shopping centers. Is it true that we have already reached a consensus on no-smoking in public places? I hope that the relevant operators or management teams do nothing but everything is in order, that may be the greatest management.

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