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How did the designer conceive the design of the illuminated letters design of the roof?


In the whole process of production and production of the sign products, the design process at the front end is crucial, and whether the concept is appropriate can directly affect the final effect of the product, that is, whether the customer can be satisfied and achieve the desired effect. At the same time, a reasonable design can facilitate the processing of the back-end production process and control the cost to a certain extent.

How did the designer conceive the design of the illuminated letters design of the roof?

For illuminated letters on the roof with specified requirements, the concept is more challenging. It is different from the conventional ground porch sign and ground-related sign. The position of illuminated letters on the roof is more special, usually located in dozens. The height of the meter or even hundreds of meters, the attached mounting surface may be ordinary concrete wall or glass curtain wall, and some of the mounting surfaces belong to the steel structure surface. For the designer, the design process not only needs to consider the expression of the illuminated letters and related consumables, it is more necessary to consider the interaction between the illuminated letters on the roof and the ground pedestrians, the depth of visual transmission and the effective recognition. In general, for the conventional type of illuminated letters on the roof, the creative design process can extract three points.

First, excavating user demand point elements, the product manager most often hangs a word is "to meet user needs", in any industry, this reason All of them are connected. In our sign industry, the illuminated letters on the roof are also for human use. Regardless of whether the physical touchable visible illuminated letters or the virtual products of the Internet circle should be user-centered, a large number of them need to be done in the early stage. The job is to understand and excavate the user's needs, and then solve the user's doubts through specific tangible and intangible products, help users solve the actual problems, the latter problems will be solved.

Second, according to the demand element to find creative points, after the early demand point element excavating, the designer can well grasp the direction of the idea of the illuminated letters project, once the route is confirmed, you will go in this direction. Through the user's demand point, you can deeply extract the spiritual and cultural connotation that needs to be expressed in the project of illuminated letters. The so-called essence through the phenomenon, probably said that's it. Inspired by divergent thinking, creativity always comes inadvertently. Conception is a long process. In the process of continuous inspirational thinking, constant negation and iteration form the final feasible solution. For a sign industry designer, the process of conceiving is extremely challenging. Inspiration is sometimes not so easy to say. In a limited time, the memory symbol that exists in the thinking activity is converted into The specific visual graphical symbols, without a lot of project actual experience and accumulation of materials is difficult to achieve.

Third, inspiration creative performance data quantification, through the above creative point excavating can go to the stage of materialization and data quantification, for a illuminated letters on the roof, the materialization is not only reflected in the conventional size data and process-related The raw material data needs to be embodied and digitized to the angle of the installation position of the illuminated letters and the audience surface. The data is quantified from the angles of the multi-angle and multi-user geometric space of different distances, and the angle between the human eye and the predetermined installation point is quantified. It is also another level of user experience, one level higher than the customer experience, until the end audience of the luminous characters radiates users.

In the fast-paced era of modern information, whether the illuminated letters on the roof can generate effective value input in a few seconds of interaction with users, creative design concept is the key determinant,people are not so a lot of leisure and thoughts will pay attention to your roof for a long time, in order to get a place in the highly competitive Red Sea market in all walks of life.

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