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What are the design principles for the underground parking lot identification system?


With the intensification of the siphon effect in the core cities, the population density in some areas has risen rapidly, and the traffic pressure on the ground has increased. These phenomena have forced the expansion of underground space in the early stage of architectural design. In fact, the newly built real estate has a very clear practice. There is no exception to the unified construction of underground parking lots, whether residential or commercial podium or public service infrastructure. A complete underground parking lot identification system can solve many problems, reduce the frequency of manual services, and improve the traffic efficiency of vehicles. As an important part of the traffic-oriented signage system, the underground parking lot signage system bears important end-end service functions, so its design process can't be sloppy. According to COSUN's 20 years of design experience in parking lot signage, underground parking lot sign design should follow the following five principles:

Principle 1, the pattern symbol and the word usage are in line with the convention. In the two parts of the pattern symbol and the text information that directly interact with the driver, it is impossible to create an alternative creative design. It is very dangerous to look at things while driving. It cannot be forced. The driver is going to ponder what the information on the parking lot signboard is. It can be identified at a glance this is the parking lot. This is the area of the parking lot. The designer should use the regular patterns and text to give the driver a clear and accurate signal. Underground parking lot.

Principle 2, concise and clear, is logically consistent with the above-mentioned conventional principles. The space in the underground parking lot is generally limited, and there is no natural light. It needs to rely on lighting to illuminate. This puts more emphasis on the identification system of the underground parking lot. High requirements, the light is not so good, the signboard pointing can not be too complicated, when the pattern symbol and the corresponding text or number are selected, it should be presented in the most concise way, not excessively adopting artistic elements, that is, using can not be used on the text, it is ok to make a fuss in the color border of the brand;

Principle 3, the logic is clear, any identification system is not a single existence, especially in the underground parking lot identification system. When the driver finds the signboard of the parking lot entrance from a certain road, it means that the underground parking lot identification system has begun to function. This kind of effect is coherent and uninterruptible, because the driver's goal to go to the underground parking lot is usually very clear, that is, find a parking space. Therefore, when the driver found the parking space along a series of signage guides, the underground parking lot identification system completed half of the function, because after the ride, I had to go out from the underground parking lot, so this time There is a signboard that guides the driver how to drive the car out smoothly. Until the driver completely leaves the specific parking lot, the parking lot identification system completes a guiding mission. This is a set that logically meets the user's needs. A complete system, any identity design company should follow this logic;

Principle 4, exclusive customization, whether it is a commercial or residential home, the design of the underground parking lot identification system should conform to the overall style of the building. Different building styles are generally different, so the underground parking lot is inside. The identification system can't be the same, and it can be consistent with the overall style, that is, the principle of personalization;

Principle 5, people-oriented, in the modern user-centered business community, more and more attention to products should be designed and built with people as the center, the underground parking lot identification system as a direct interaction with users and provide guided services. Commercial products should pay more attention to the user experience. Operators should fully take care of the targeted needs of different groups of people, and provide drivers and passengers with accurate and convenient parking services.

In the relatively closed space of the underground parking lot, if there is no clear guiding sign system, it may go into a labyrinth, especially in the large multi-storey underground parking lot. The guiding sign system design is given in a limited confined space. The driver provides guided tour service, and also applies some visual scene beautification design from the perspective of humanization. A complete underground parking lot identification system should give people a relaxed and pleasant experience, instead of the gloomy feeling of darkness and darkness.

In the planning and design process of the underground parking lot identification system, there are many factors that designers need to consider. The individualized elements can be changed, but the general design principles cannot be changed.

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