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What are the design concepts of subway station direction sign design?


With the rapid development of the city, the traffic pressure of people's travel is increasing day by day. The major cities of major nodes have carried out the construction and operation of the subway. According to the subway lines that have been put into operation, the subway without traffic jam has become an important part of people's travel.In the subway station, we can always see the various traffic signs, especially in the subway stations where the different subway lines nodes. The role of this trafficsign is even more important. On the one hand, these traffic signs tell people the current the location is where the destination is going, the direction to go, the ride or the transfer. Most of this type of service is done through various direction sign design in the subway station.In the subway station, which has a large traffic flow, in order to effectively improve the service level of the subway station and allow passengers to reach the destination safely and quickly, the operator should conduct sufficient research and analysis in the design stage of the direction sign design. In terms of subway station direction sign design, the following five concepts should be followed;

What are the design concepts of subway station direction sign design?

Concept 1,People oriented,The core concept of this kind of public service place of the subway station, all the design basis should be based on providing safe and efficient services for passengers, Service-driven,, and Improve the systematic construction of guiding signs and guidelines,It is not only a combination of cold patterns and words, but also an important carrier of modern humanistic care. It can also pry into the spiritual civilization of a city from the side;

Concept 2,Simple and easy to understand, since it is a group of passengers who are highly flow, the direction sign design in the subway station can not be designed too esoteric, artistic elements can be used but not too abstract, if not in a flash let the passengers see what the contents of the signboard are, which may cause passengers to be congested and stay in the limited passage. This will seriously affect the normal operation of the subway transportation system, and some accidental safety accidents may occur, so in order to be fast and efficient. For the diversion of passengers, the design of the subway station-oriented logo should be simple and easy to understand, so that passengers can be clear at a glance;

Concept 3,Different from the commercial signage, if you walk into a subway station, we can see all kinds of billboards. When people travel, they urgently need to reach the destination quickly. The dependence on the direction sign is just needed. And the billboards in the subway station will not be overwhelming. This problem requires the designer to fully study and analyze. The direction sign is the focus of the signboard in the subway station. The part that should be prominent must have obvious characteristics and style to ensure will not be overwhelmed by billboards in the same scene;

Concept 4,Standardization,In some established by usage patterns or words selection, the railway system generally has its own unique symbols, which cannot be changed, such as electric shock, no climbing, evacuation routes, and some major school or hospital connection points corresponding to the exit. The location symbol, as well as the subway company in each city, has its own logo, and the consistency of the brand identity image should be maintained on different routes.

Concept 5,Internationalization,Under the background that domestic production materials are not balanced, economic growth is weak and no new growth level can be found, all parties urgently need to further expand overseas markets. Therefore, international exchanges are prevalent throughout the country, and subway stations are an important transportation infrastructure. Naturally, This trend should be followed, in which the design of the direction sign should be implemented as much as possible in both Chinese and English.

A complete set of subway station-oriented identification system can be realized without a single sign. It should usually be a cluster of direction sign with distinct levels in the logical relationship. The sign in each level bears its own unique functional responsibilities. This function information is transmitted to the passengers through the specific signs corresponding to the specific location, helping the passenger to respond quickly in a short time, so that the passenger can understand how to go next, which is the core idea of the subway station direction sign design.

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