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What are the advantages of digital sign over traditional signs?


recent years, intelligent digitalization has penetrated into all walks of life, and the advertising sign industry is no exception. Some of the sign manufacturers who are concerned about the long-term development of the future are already laying out digital signs. It is said that the digital signs we can see in real life are still very limited. Except for several developed regions that are trying to use digital signs, other regions are basically the world of traditional sign products. The reason, the emergence of new things and the acceptance of people are time-consuming, but also the effective guidance of the market and relevant departments. As far as the current digital identification project promoted by the COSUN SIGN is concerned, the digital sign is relative to the traditional sign. The advantage is still not small, today we choose one of the more typical, four advantages to share:

Advantage 1: The content can be edited. We know what the traditional sign products are produced in the workshop of the sign manufacturer. It has always been like that in the later stage. It will not change. You can't change it. The pattern on the signboard is not changed. And text and even some symbols are fixed and dead. If there is a change in the layout of the later space or the content needs to be updated, it can only be said that the existing signboard is scrapped and redone, while the digital sign is just the opposite. The content can be the management side arbitrarily edits, the content is inappropriate or the space layout changes, and the content on the digital identifier can be replaced at any time. Except for labor cost, there is almost no other hardware cost;

Advantage 2: Maintenance can be carried out autonomously, this is for the content of the digital identification, not the construction aspect, because the content of the digital identification can be arbitrarily replaced, so when there is a need in the later stage, the manufacturer does not need to carry out after-sales operation. The party can directly operate, greatly improving work efficiency and saving the cost associated with maintenance;

Advantage 3: The multimedia presentation mode is arbitrarily switched. This is a specific category of maintenance and use. The operator needs to display any material. The digital sign can achieve the expected effect. This effect generally includes pictures, texts, numbers, Arrows, animations, videos, audio, etc. In short, no matter what type of material, you can input it into the digital identification storage device according to the standard format. WYSIWYG, the interface of digital identification will have a brand new vision Experience.

Advantage 4: Network operation, real-time management, there are already many sign companies in the development of a new generation of intelligent digital identity, combined with the current popular Internet of Things technology and AI artificial intelligence frontier technology, so that digital identification in the context of new technology blessing smoothly Going on the fast track of development. All things interconnected, real-time management, this is the basis of the Internet of things theory, digital identification is a typical product of traditional identification intelligent network, so the future development direction should also be carried out under this framework;

Some people say that the digital sign is the sign, and some people say that the digital sign is the media. How to say it has its own reasons, many advantages, few shortcomings, it is a bit expensive. Regardless of whether the digital identifier is defined as an identifier or as a medium, in fact, the two attributes are intrinsically inseparable. It can also be said that the digital identifier is both an identifier and a medium, or a two-in-one. The digital sign can be used to guide the guide. This is the function of the traditional sign. In some commercial places, the digital sign can provide some commercial information on the basis of the guide. At this time, the digital signboard has the media. Attributes, digital identity is a versatile terminal device under certain conditions. We believe that in the face of numerous advantages, there is no reason for future businesses not to choose digital identity.

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