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The first season of the Chinese sign brand discovery tour documentary "COSUN SIGN" premiere ceremony


At 2 o'clock on the afternoon of April 15th, China's first industry-specific documentary "China Sign Brand Discovery Tour" produced by Beijing Fengbiao Media, Blueview International, GXUCNC, Weifang Dongxin Intelligent and Xiangtan Huaxin Electronics The premiere of the first season of the sign of the rise of the "COSUN SIGN" was held in Beijing. All staff of Fengbiao Media, Executive Vice President of Shaanxi Sign Industry Association, Mr. Liu Jiancheng, Executive Director of Superman Installation, Mr. Jack Zhong, General Manager of COSUN SIGN attended the premiere ceremony and witnessed the epoch-making significance Major milestones in sign industry.

The first season of the Chinese sign brand discovery tour documentary "COSUN SIGN" premiere ceremony

Less than a month before the start ceremony of March 20th, the film crew immediately started the post-production process after careful planning and resident filming in the early stage. In just half a month, a lot of manpower and Material resources, the first season of the COSUN SIGN of the work "Rise of the SIGN" presented in front of us. At the premiere ceremony, Mr. Jack Zhong , the general manager of COSUN SIGN, expressed his gratitude to all the members of the film crew for their efforts. Thanks to the producers and the sign industry associations across the country for their support. Thanks to the guests at the show, only COSUN SIGN Nowadays. For a long time, the SIGN industry has always given people the image of low-end manufacturing, and the market has shown a disorderly competition. The industry has no rules and the products have no standards. Generations of signatories have struggled to make people's lives better. In the COSUN SIGN, there is a magnificent history of growth, and there is also a struggle that shocks the soul. The story of the documentary is also starting from here. A new era has also given the contemporary sign people different historical missions.

In the history of the development of COSUN SIGN, there have been setbacks and confusions, but the COSUN are not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, andoriginal heart of courage is always unchanged. In just 20 years, from a small workshop for making billboards to a production value of over 100 million yuan this year, the sign products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. The COSUN SIGN has a standard called “COSUN Standard” and what is COSUN Standard, every product that goes out of COSUN, whether it is for foreign customers or domestic customers, or even competitors, has no special treatment, regardless of the size of the customer's project, the quality is consistent.

In the past 20 years, more than 10,000 engineering cases have established COSUN’S industry status, and the pursuit of technology and quality has always been at the forefront of the industry. Under the overall requirements of the transformation and upgrading of the economic structure of the new era, the COSUN SIGN, like all manufacturing competitors including the sign industry, experienced the pains of the transition period. How can I see the rainbow without going through the storm? Just because I feel the pain, it shows that there is a problem. If something goes wrong, what should I do? I have to find a way to change it. The identification of the industry brand is based on the long-term non-standard and extensive development of the entire sign industry. In order to be able to develop better and faster tomorrow, the current contribution is worthwhile and valuable. This is also the sign industry, Mr. Liu Jiancheng, the chief planner of the brand discovery tour series documentary, directly reflects original heart of the series of documentaries.

This season's documentary began with the criticism of the mainstream official media on the chaotic advertising signs across the country, pointing to the lack of industry standards and norms in the marking industry. Due to various historical reasons, various security risks and environmental pollution have appeared in various corners of the city. People's daily life has caused great troubles. How to change this situation is not a rhetoric, it can be easily achieved without a paperwork, and it cannot be reversed by a certain individual or a company. However, there are always some people who are prophetic and have a strong sense of mission. The COSUN SIGN is practiced with its own practical actions. For example, Huafa city of commerce, located in Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai City, is one of the landmark buildings in Zhuhai. It is a high-end commercial group in Zhuhai. The Huafa city of commerce Spirit Fortress project on the square was completed by the COSUN SIGN. The height of 39.8 meters won the highest in the Asian spiritual fortress. When night falls, Huafa Spirit Fortress shines with the dreamy light on the west bank of the Pearl River estuary, dotted with the night sky of Zhuhai city. It is hard to imagine that at the beginning of the needs of Party A of this project, there is only a simple rendering of A4 paper, without any other data and data. The customer needs are all recorded by the staff of COSUN. Just dictation. In less than three months, thousands of accessories were sent from Shenzhen to Zhuhai on a large scale. During the busiest period, almost every day, components were sent out from the Shenzhen factory. The 200-kilometer journey did not stump thestaff of COSUN , in order to fully satisfy the customers. The demand even arranged for a professional designer to be stationed at the Zhuhai project site for round-the-clock docking to ensure that every detail was faced by the customer.

At the end of the documentary, Mr. Jack Zhong, the general manager of hero, also took some other important projects of the company to explain the company's idea of development. For example, in the East Lake Town sign project in Fujian, more than 2,000 signboards of all sizes are produced and installed by COSUN. In the early stage of co-operation with customers, it was not a one-time co-operation with so many projects. In the early co-operation, the company completed the phased tasks on time and in accordance with the design of the bidding tenders using 304 steel quality. The project did not last long. By chance, COSUN found that many signs on the scene had signs of rust. The staff also compared the products made by other companies in the East Lake town area and found that there was rust. It stands to reason that this was made in accordance with the tender proposal, and it was possible to shirk responsibility. Of course, Project Party A did not ask for the requirements of COSUN. At this time, considering the instability of 304 in the specific environment of the coastal area, Mr. Jack Zhong, the general manager of COSUN, made a decisive decision, all come back, regardless of the cost of rework, all the higher-level 316 materials will be used to help customers solve problems. There is no additional charge, and the loss is entirely assume by the company.

Think of what customers think, and urgency for customers. Products such as character, "We all want to do not bad people, we should also make not too bad products," Mr. Jack Zhong said.

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