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Some specifications on the setting of evacuation signage


Our daily production and life must be based on security. In recent years, the relevant management parties have also stepped up their supervision, and the emphasis on safety production has increased. This has made it for the main companies that have to paid much attention to fire safety to rectify according to the requirements not as before what they usually do. How to meet the requirements of supervision? Today, we choose one of the branches to expand, and share the following four aspects of the fire safety evacuation signage specification.

Some specifications on the setting of evacuation signage

1. Location specification. Where is the fire safety evacuation sign placed? There is a regulation. The goal is to allow people to  quickly identify and read it in an emergency. This means that the position must be conspicuous. It should normally be located at the top of the main channel or at a prominent location on the junction. If there is a porch, it should be mounted on the side wall or suspended. Usually, this kind of signage is an directional signage. As the size of the evacuation map is generally large, it is recommended to be installed on the wall of the channel;

2. Height specification. Fire safety evacuation signs need to take care of the height of different people, so it is generally not set too high or too low. If it is high, people need to look up to see it. The evacuation route on the signboard may not be visible at all. If it’s too low, the signage can not be quickly and accurately identified by people. Under normal circumstances, a reference point should be taken from 160cm to 170cm. It is reasonable to set the fire safety evacuation signage within the range of 30 degrees up and down based on the horizontal head view angle.

3. Recognizability specification. In an emergency, there may be no illumination in the building, and the identifiable performance of the evacuation signage needs to be considered. Under normal circumstances, the evacuation signage can be well displayed by color matching, but in the dark, it must be equipped with corresponding power supply. In most cases, equipment that stores light energy or saves electricity should be provided to ensure that the evacuation sign can function normally at any time;;

4. Logic specification. The function of the evacuation signage is to quickly help people to a safe area. So is it possible to achieve an imaginary effect by looking at an evacuation map once? In fact, it is very difficult. Many people can't understand the map. Even if they understand the layout and route, they may be confused if they find many branches when they escape. Therefore, the evacuation signage should also form a partial system. No matter where people is, there will be guidelines for them to reach the safe area. Therefore, the rationality of logic cannot be ignored.

The necessary condition for evacuation signage to function is the evacuation channel. The signage needs to do is to connect these channels together. The concept of race against time should be fully reflected in the design process of fire safety evacuation signage. The goal is to make it easy to see at a glance, to be fully understand, and to help people reach the safe area smoothly.

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