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What are the features of the exit sign?


Exit signs, also known as safety exit signs, escape route signs, etc.. It’s a relatively common sign in our daily life and are extensively used in commercial places and public service places. For example, some hotels, office buildings, shopping centers, commercial complexes and supermarkets, etc., can see a large number of exit signs. In these densely populated places, when people are faced with an emergency, it’s necessary to evacuate people in time and transfer them to a safe area. Under this specific condition, the exit sign plays an irreplaceable role. As the probability of an emergency is relatively low, this kind of sign is easy to be ignored, but for the building, such special signs must be set. It shows that the escape export of the building. So what are the features of the escape exit sign? Below we will analyze from four aspects.

1. Independent of other sign systems. The exit sign is theoretically independent of other sign systems. For example, in the four levels of the sign guiding system, exit sign is generally not included, because people rarely need it in the process of finding the target. Therefore, the exit sign is independent of other sign systems and will only be used in some emergency situations. Regardless of where people are located, there will be a series of escape exit signs to guide them until they reach the safe area;

2. The frequency of use is low. In some situations, the escape exit sign is basically idle, and may not have a substantial effect for several decades. However, this does not mean that this kind of sign is useless and does not need to be set up.The supervision is becoming stricter, and the exit sign must be set in the public place, even if it is never used. Because security is the most important thing;

3. Energy saving and environmental protection. This is a concept advocated at present. The exit sign needs to be illuminated, especially at night. If the daily lighting system is paralyzed due to an emergency, it will be a big problem if the escape exit sign is also not available. Therefore, most of the exit signs are now equipped with energy-saving and environmentally-friendly light storage components. It usually storesenergy in daily life. In special emergency situations, it can supply power to itself and light up in the dark.

4. Installation and maintenance is simple. The self-contained exit sign usually contains a escape route and a series of independent signage corresponding to the escape route. Exit sign is without any personalization, and it’s simpler and more practical than other sign products. The function of the sign is help people recognize the escape route in the emergency situation, and guide them to the safe area. Therefore, the exit sign is generally not complicated to be designed and manufactured, and it is not difficult to install and maintain.

Exit signs are widely used in public service-type places. Although we rarely use them, the value of such signs is not reduced. While people enjoy its security and convenience, there must be someone silently dedicating. Exit sign is the same as the person, and it is the role of the usually neglected service provider. This service provider is not dispensable. However, under certain situation, it is the light and hope that people rely on to survive.

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