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What are the common faults of LED modules for rooftop sign?


With the acceleration of the national urbanization process, the urban landscape has also undergone earth-shaking changes. In every corner of the city,facilities have been continuously improved in large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, supermarkets, transportation; high-end office buildings and various industrial garden have sprung up everywhere.  In these changes,skyscrapers,shopping center, complex buildings and  transportation facilities have been chosen to install luminous rooftop sign to show their unique and personalized images for attracting users , exporting and delivering their own brand value when providing guided services.

What are the common faults of LED modules for rooftop sign?

In recent years, rooftop sign have been highly recognized by the market with good display effects. Generally, the roof buildings will reserve installing areas for rooftop sign at obvious side. After the finished product, it can be installed immediately and tested for power-on lighting. The most important function for the LED signs is to ensure the LED modules’s normal illumination and the whole illuminated effect. Especially,rooftop sign will be subject the damage from complex environment to result in lighting problems. Therefore, the maintain is very important.However, for a general sign, what are the common faults of LED modules? I summarized several aspects from a large number of engineering cases.

First phenomenon, the luminous surface is not bright enough. This situation is common, most of the reason is panel’s aging  and dust. Solution is to replace the panel and clean. For the working space in roof, specially pay attention to installation and  safety .

Second phenomenon, the light is yellow, there are many possible problems with the LED light source. Among them, yellowing is the most common. Many green hand manufacturers are smattering for yellow light and could not settle the problems coming up with clients. Why appear this problems? COSUN SIGN give a clear answer for this. Avoiding this problem during the later use by refraining from  beads on the LED be immersed water when you are cautiousness in production.

Third phenomenon, the uneven illumination. This station generally appears in the process of produce. Usually, the reason is the manufacturer reduce the numbers of LED modules and face material, this situation can be divided into the quality problems. Strictly speaking, it is not the including in maintenance. Clients need to consider many things to make a decision when they choose the manufacturers.

Fourth phenomenon, the beam is unstable and chromatism. Generally, it cased by bad LED module’s quality. When it comes to quality assurance, I have to say that you get what you pay for.Otherwise, you must be deceived yourself.

Fifth phenomenon, a stroke of sign is not bright. Everyone knows that our Chinese character culture is profound and profound, but or foreigners, those Chinese strokes are harder than going to heaven. It can be seen that the complexity of Chinese characters is high. Some complex stroke rooftop sign ,which tests the strength of the sign makers. Especially in the installation of internal LED modules, it will make big problems as long as you are careless in installing them . COSUN SIGN has his own unique experience in this aspect. No matter in the production process or in  installation and usage of insulating rubber, every process has professional person to attend it.Solving problems from root.

Essentially, rooftop signs are similar with common signs. The difference between them is the font,proportion,weight,complex installing.In this aspects, rooftop signs are more obvious than common signs.Therefore, the quality of rooftop signs is more important, especially the LED modules. A small fault may require a large amount of manpower and material resources to be solved. Three things, quality, quality, and quality.

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