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What does the first level sign mean? What are the characteristics?


As cities become larger and larger, and people's needs become more diverse, in this context, prophetic businessmen begin to lay out various business scenarios to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of people. When people enter these places, they usually face the problem of how to go. At this time, they need to be identified by identification. It is impossible to arrange enough labor in each location to provide guidance services for users. From the professional point of view of the sign industry, design companies often face the problem of logical design. This requires first understanding the division of the identification level and then considering the specific identification product design. The identification level usually has a first-level identification and a secondary identification. , three-level identification and four-level identification. We do a gradual decomposition of the four levels of the sign, first to answer what is the first level of identification.

The first-level identifier is literally interpreted as the identifier of the primary position in the logical relationship, and the identifier of the first level. In a specific scenario, the first-level identifier can be understood as the identifier of a link with the person, such as in some There is a spiritual fortress on the square of the large building complex, and the spiritual fortress here is a typical first-class sign. In some parks, there are generally large signboards at the gates, most of which appear in the form of large characters. These large-character sign products are also typical first-class signs. In different scenarios, the expressions of the first-level signs are not exactly the same, but they have some common features that are common. The following describes the characteristics of the first-level sign from three aspects.

Feature 1, its own area and volume is large, because the first-level sign has a leading role in the marking system, so its volume and area are usually not too small, or take the typical first-class sign of the spiritual fortress as an example, the spiritual fortress The location in the business scene is usually on an open square, and it is necessary to attract as many potential people as possible. It is not easy to attract attention in the crowded square of this crowd. One must stand out from the crowd. In particular, designers should focus on this issue when designing the identification system. In most cases, the designer uses the size to show that the first-level sign is identity and status. This is the most significant one-level sign. Features, large area, large size;

Feature 2, less text and a large amount of information. The first-level sign can be a spiritual fortress or a large porch. The information is usually to tell people what the name is. If it is a spiritual fortress, it will inform the user of the scene name and also bring some manufacturers' advertisements. The sign can be described as two things. Logically speaking, because the first-level identifier is located at the beginning of the identification system, the interaction process with the user is relatively short-lived. In a few seconds, important information must be transmitted to a specific group of people. We all know that the news has less information on the manuscript. Generally, the larger the amount of information, the more applicable to the product of the first-level sign. The small amount of text and the large amount of information are also one of the important features of the first-level sign;

Features 3, the distance is long, and the radiation range is wide. In fact, this feature can be derived from the first two features. Due to the large size of the first-level sign, the installation position is conspicuous and high enough, and the line of sight is unobstructed, so the propagation distance is relatively long. The range of people who can radiate is also quite extensive. For example, the visible distance of the ordinary store door sign may be about 100 meters, and the radiation radius is mostly within the visible distance, while the first level mark usually shows the visible distance. Up to 500 meters or more, if it is a signboard such as a large building on the roof, the visible distance can be as high as 2 kilometers or more, and the radiation range is more extensive;

In general, the primary identification is a long-distance propagation identification located at the beginning of the identification system, and the user does not need to be in close contact with the primary identification to obtain related guidance and guidance services. The first-level sign is a very important part in the design stage, because this is an entry-type sign that reflects the characteristics of a particular scene. What kind of feelings the user feels depends largely on the first impression. The sign designer should be multi-faceted. Angle to capture the connotation elements in a specific scene, combine these elements with the actual environment, and strive to give users such a first impression: well, this place is good, go and see.

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