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What are the installation and fixing methods of advertising signs?


There are many application for signboards. In most commercial occasions, we still see advertising signboards. Even some brand logos or creative spaces are essentially advertising purposes, so wecall them advertising signs.Under normal circumstances, advertising signs are prominently installed, regardless of orientation or height, etc., the final effect is taken into consideration, and the fixed part of the installation needs an advanced plan.So, what are the methods of installing and fixing advertising signs?

What are the installation and fixing methods of advertising signs?

1. Drilling. A large percentage of wall-mountedadvertising signs need to be drilled. It usually opens the mounting surface according to the pre-designed size. If there are embedded parts, they need to be embedded in advance. The manuscript can be perforated. After the hole is formed, the foot of the advertising signs can be directly put in. If you want to be more secure, additional injection can solve the problem. There are also some advertising signs that need to be fixed with screws, and they are actually drilled before they are screwed on;

2. Glue. In some commercial places, the walls cannot be drilled casually, so it is necessary to find an alternative solution. For places that require frequent replacement of advertising signs, it is more reliable to use an adhesive method. Especially in shopping malls, the activity is followed by another, and the corresponding advertising signs need to be replaced intensively. Glue is usually better to operate, which will not damage the wall or affect the secondary layout.

3. Snap. In some places, the frame structure is prepared in advance, and the advertising signage is also made in accordance with the corresponding size. After the advertising signs are made, they can be directly snap in. The operation method is similar to that when we decorate the ceiling board. First lay the structure firmly, the buckle plate is aligned with the groove, and it can be buckled easily. In some places with special requirements, advertising signs can also be installed and fixed by snapping methods;

4. Digging. Let's imagine that during the construction of advertising signs, if a large advertising signboard is a spiritual pylon sign, it is obviously unrealistic to screw on the ground with screws, and it cannot support it. What should we do? Dig a pit until the base of the spiritual fortress can be put into it. The surrounding soil or concrete is the backbone of the advertising signs. In the process of installation and fixing of advertising signboards, digging is also a science. When the pit is digged, the columns cannot be stressed and are effectively supported. If the digging is too large, the column cannot be stressed and supported; the pit is small, and the column of the advertising sign cannot be put in;

Someone may ask, you shared so many methods, but if you gave me an advertising sign, I still do n’t know how to install and fix it, what should I do? Just find a sign manufacturer who understands deepening design, because for the companies, no matter how big your advertising signsare, and whether the installation and fixing method is drilling, gluing, snapping or digging, they are all strictly designed and arranged in advance, and how to fix it is not a problem when the money is in place.

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