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Analysis of 4 common causes of flashing on the top of the building and its corresponding solutions


Passing through the streets and lanes, we can see a wide variety of letters on the roof. Inadvertently, we will find that there are always a few luminous characters flashing. In most cases, the flashing roof-top letters give people a bad feeling. Sometimes the human eye can't accept the high frequency of irregular flicker, saying that the simple point is glare; there are also some cases of flicker because the design is unreasonable and brings visual pollution. As a sign industry practitioner, standing on the roof of the luminous word makers, the flashing of the roof's luminous characters is likely to be a product failure, except for the flashing of certain rules, according to the actual decades of Cosun over the past few decades. In the case of engineering, there are usually four possible reasons for the flashing of the roof.

Analysis of 4 common causes of flashing on the top of the building and its corresponding solutions

Firstly, the flicker of artificial design, this situation is relatively small, the large-scale roof-like luminous characters generally carry the output of the corporate brand image, using the current network hot words to describe the pursuit of high-end atmospheric grades, or low-key luxury has connotation, Few large-scale roof-inspired word projects will engage in the kind of flashing non-mainstream style. The common facade shop signs usually use flashy non-mainstream style.

Secondly, poor contact, the probability of occurrence of this situation is relatively large, and has a close relationship with the location and environment of the installation of the roof lighting word. Most of the luminous characters are directly exposed to unobstructed high altitude, and suffer from complicated and varied for a long time. The influence of climatic factors, wind, rain and sun are commonplace. Therefore, the structure and circuit of the roof's luminous characters can't be avoided. The next is when the wire circuit is cut off or touched, and it is reflected in the building. The effect of the top-emitting word is unstable, that is, we finally see that it is flickering;

Thirdly, the wire load is not enough. Generally speaking, the power equipment with relatively large power demand needs to be equipped with relatively thick wires, and vice versa. The general size of the building's luminous characters is relatively large, the number of light sources is large, and the power is usually not too low, so the arrangement of the internal wires is more important. Unlike the small LED letters on the ground, the LED lights can be used directly. The use of large-scale luminous characters on the roof of high-altitude lines cannot be shrunk. Some merchants have also shrunk in the choice of wire suppliers in order to save costs, which directly leads to a significant reduction in the luminous effect of the final roof-emitting products.

Fourthly,transformer failure, for large-scale roof-mounted letters, the number of light sources directly determines how much transformer needs to be matched. If there is no problem in the line link, the flashing of the word will appear in the transformer, according to Cosun In terms of experience, when manufacturers make roof-floor letters, they must have a set of standards to follow. How many light sources correspond to transformers with high power, and the two are one-to-one correspondence, which is determined by the interval in which the specific data is located;

The solutions for the above four common reasons are as follows:

Firstly, corresponds to the solution: the artificially designed flicker effect is pre-designed, so no special treatment is required;

Secondly, Corresponding solution: In case of poor contact, the manufacturer usually needs to assign professional engineers and electricians to the site to check the details one by one, find the corresponding problematic line, and replace it to solve it;

Thirdly, Corresponding solution: Similar to the above method of poor contact, the load is checked on the circuit, and the part where the line is directly replaced is not enough to support the demand for electricity on the roof;

Fourthly, corresponding solution: Once other factors are excluded, the cause of the flashing of the glowing word is the transformer, which is directly replaced with a new one;

Based on the experience of Cosun's nearly 20-year-old luminous project, most manufacturers have experienced similar problems with flashing characters in the early stages of development. Faced with problems is not terrible. After a long period of continuous summarization and technological innovation, Cosun has solved a number of similar failures from the roots through a series of technical research and control of product quality from the source. Do not let go of every line, the selection and installation of each light source is regarded as a battle, on the road to the battle, can only go forward, there is no choice.

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