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Cosun Sharing: Five Functional Functions of Road Traffic Signs


With the rapid development of the city, the construction of the road network to meet the growing travel needs of people at top speed. More people, andmore cars. There must be a complete set of rules for travel regulation. Traffic-related laws and regulations have played an important role at this time. Among them, the road traffic sign is a direct carrier for such legal provisions to interact with people. Whether the setting of road traffic signs is reasonable or not directly affects whether the roads are unobstructed, whether there are management loopholes, and even a wrong signage guide can lead to serious traffic accidents.

Cosun Sharing: Five Functional Functions of Road Traffic Signs

In real life, road traffic signs are usually composed of graphic symbols and corresponding numbers and characters, which clearly and accurately give people specific instructions to achieve a good and orderly promotion of social management order, and to ensure that people's daily travel becomes safer and convenient. Then, from a professional point of view, what are the functions of road traffic signs and what are the functions? Below we introduce it from five aspects.

Function 1, warning, the visible frequency of this sign is very high, generally red-based, there will be potential safety hazards to inform pedestrians or vehiclesin advance , tell people to be vigilant, pay attention to prevent related risks;

Function 2, prohibition, unlike the warning is the prohibition of the command attribute, there is an idiom called the order prohibition, which is the meaning, the word is most suitable for road traffic regulations traffic rules. For example, if the road ahead is under construction or temporary special operations, there is usually a forbidden sign. This is a typical ban type sign. Similarly, on some other types of roads, there are also various specific scenes of prohibition signs;

Function 3 , guidance, guidance signs should be the most common in all types, and the most common, no matter what level of road, there will be a wide variety of guiding signs, such as at the intersection, four intersections all  have a clear diversion lane guidance sign arrow, and the driver who passes by is advised to choose the designated lane to travel hundreds of meters or more in advance, especially in Shenzhen area, the red light intersection is more than 100 meters, all are solid lines, and the real line is changed. It is also prohibited by law, so it is especially important to select the lane according to the diverting arrow of the signboard in advance. The same reason is true for highways, and the solid line forbidding lane changes is more longer. The guiding role of road signs on high-speed exits is more obvious and better understanding. On the ordinary municipal roads, the guiding signs are usually pointed to a certain road or an important building by arrows. It is also a signage product that is closer to our daily life. The guiding effect is very intuitive and understandable;

Function 4, speed limit prompts, whether it is an ordinary municipal road or highway, you will see a digital signage with or without a circle, usually the speed limit of the vehicle, the ordinary municipal road is generally a single digital speed limit, That is, the number on the signboard is the legal maximum speed of the vehicle; the highway is generally two lines above and below, corresponding to the upper and lower limits of the speed, allowing only the vehicle speed to be within a reasonable range, otherwise, the radar speed, taking pictures, Pay the money;

Function 5, distance warning, this road traffic sign is relatively rare in the urban area, but high frequency appears on the highway, simply and clearly tell the driver to use the current sign as the starting point, the next exit or town How many kilometers are there?

In the setting of road traffic signboards in real life, the sections or areas where the signboards need to be set are often mixed used in many types, and there are many auxiliary types of signboards, such as graphic signboards of hospitals in specific places, etc. There are ranging signs on the highway etc., various types of signboards are combined to form a complete road traffic sign system, orderly regulation of people's daily life, people also enjoy the signage system convenience.

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