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COSUN share: What are the functions of the luminous letters on the roof?


The early development of the luminous letters on the roof benefited from the rapid development of the real estate market. The main application scenarios were also concentrated in the real estate sector. With the intensification of commercial competition in various industries, the top of the building has been installed with the luminous letters on the roof. For example, in schools, hospitals, bus stations, railway stations, airports, industrial parks, factories, office buildings, commercial centers, etc., the figure of the roof's luminous characters can be seen everywhere, and the ceiling letters are highly accepted by the market. What we are seeing is the phenomenon. For ordinary non-industry people, they may not have thought about the use of these luminous letters on the roof. Why do you want to install the luminous letters on the roof in various places, but for the practitioners in the marking industry? , you need to understand what is the role of the roof glowing words? This is the knowledge point that the author wants to share today. The following three aspects are interpreted.

COSUN share: What are the functions of the luminous letters on the roof?

Role 1, the name of the venue, this is the initial role of the luminous letters on the roof, in one sentence is to indicate "my name", such as in some early hospitals and schools, usually near the outer edge of the roof Position a bracket, and then the large letters shell is fixed on the bracket. The passing pedestrians can clearly see the name of the building, which is what the school is called, or the name of the hospital. However, in the strict sense, many of the early large letters on the roof are not luminous, and may be subject to the technical constraints of cost and LED light source, but now the roof is basically luminous, and the waterproof LED light source can be comprehensive. Respond to extreme weather conditions;

Role 2, the creation of corporate brand image, this position is mostly concentrated on the buildings in the commercial office area, because for the office building, it is also the product that has been developed in recent decades, the property leasing services provided by everyone are essentially the same. Highly homogenized products must stand out in the market. If you do not cut prices, you can only rely on the power of the brand. It can be completed overnight, and the word on the roof is one of the important ways. A well-designed the luminous letters on the roof can greatly enhance the audience's awareness of the corporate brand. When this visual exposure reaches a certain level of quantitative change, the latter is the process of qualitative change. The so-called quantitative change causes qualitative change. Branding is a long-term process;

Function 3, city lighting, in the past few years, we can see that the guardrails and underground passages on the bridge have been brightened, and the exterior walls of the commercial blocks have also been brightened. Some people may say that this The lighting project is a face project, but as long as the cost of the face project is open and transparent, it can be regarded as a reluctant project of people's livelihood. At least we feel less gloomy when passing through the underground passage, especially at night; overpass After the guardrail is illuminated, the driver's driving behavior can be guided to a certain extent, effectively avoiding some phenomenon of rubbing the guardrail, and the aesthetics of the bridge is also improved; the altitude continues to rise, and the high-rise building is higher than the overpass. As long as the design of the top luminous word is not too bad, it is generally very beautiful after power-on at night. In this way, the underground passage, the ground guardrail, the high-rise building and the roof form a three-dimensional lighting effect on the urban night landscape. The promotion has a lot of credit;

The competition in modern society is too fierce. The passive mode has lost the soil for survival. To survive, we must take the initiative. Regardless of whether it is a commercial place or a public service infrastructure, the luminous letters on the roof is one of the performances of the initiative. The building next door has made the luminous letters on the roof. Can I not do it? Not only do it, but also do a higher-end atmosphere than the next door.

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