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​what should be the good performance of outdoor illuminated signage?


Generally speaking, the weather has less influence on the indoor illuminated signage products than the outdoor one, and the  components of the illuminated signage, such as the light source and the power source is relatively simple, and the electric current can be lighted according to the predetermined voltage and current. However, the work scenes of outdoor illuminated signage are completely different.And the function of the illuminating signage itself are also different.Therefore, for the manufacturers of illuminating signage should make more efforts in this kind of signs to ensure it function well. From the combination of theory and COSUN engineering project experience, outdoor illuminating signs should have the following four performance:

​what should be the good performance of outdoor illuminated signage?

1. Do not fall when blowing by the wind. Since the illuminated signage is working outdoor, the external force of natural wind is unavoidable. In the coastal area, there is often a typhoon. Even in the plateau, although the wind is not as strong as the typhoon, but it will lasts for a few months. If the installation of the outdoor illuminated signage is not appropriate, it will cause serious problems. Therefore, the security of the logo is very important. The outdoor illuminated signage should not only be firm in internal structure, but also should be installed well in order to effectively protect the signs stay and safe in the wind;

2. Do not short circuit after raining. Generally speaking, the power source and the wire of the illuminating sign are placed on the back or inside of the illuminating signage, and the specific installation needs to be determined according to the actual space structure of the sign. However, the problem of waterproofing should be considered for outdoor illuminated signage products no matter how to install the light source and power supply. Outdoor signage usually uses a waterproof power supply, and at the same time seals the parts that need to be sealed, and sets the water outlet in the place where the rainwater flows;

3. Do not fade or peel paint after being sun-baked.  Metal, acrylic,or other materials have the characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction. Most of the outdoor illuminated signage are made of metal and acrylic, and the finish are mostly painted. The quality of the paint spray directly determines the display effect and service life of the illuminated signage. If the painting process is not good, cracks or even peeling off the paint will occur soon under the sun.

4. High brightness. Compared with indoor illuminated signage, the distance between the target group and outdoor illuminated signage is usually longer, and the outdoor crowd is moving faster. If the outdoor illuminated signage wants to catch people's eyes, in addition to the design and size, it should also select a reasonable range of high-power light source to strengthen the brightness and make better display effect.

For experienced signage manufacturers, there are mature sign solutions for different businesses. For example, in the design of brightness, it is not possible to simply increase the brightness, because it will consume more power, accelerate the loss of the light source, and reduce the service life of the signage product. Even worse, it will affect the psychological feeling of the target group and directly lost the customers.

The other aspects of the performance of outdoor illuminated signage are the same. The specific details require the joint efforts of both parties, and the goal is consistent. The overall performance of the outdoor illuminated signage products will be as expected.

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