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Cosun: we do not play tricks on April fool's day only do a good sign


Another April 1st April Fool's Day, some people are crazy, and some people quit without playing.One year ago today, Tencent, the name given to the QQ Penguin image, announced that the “AI Eco Goose Factory”, which has been in preparation for several years, officially entered a mountainous area in Guizhou. Some guys could not sit still. Goose factory really wants to raise goose, it must be wrong. The data center boss turned out to be the project director of the AI Goose Factory. He also showed that the "Goose Factory" Tencent not only went to the mountain in Guizhou to raise geese, but also applied hardcore technology such as "goose face recognition" and "goose translation". apply to the goose plant, and also promote the AI agriculture. If is real, isn’t it a big joke? Is it so willful after earn too much make quick money? In other words, in recent years, QQ has almost no one to play, and the revenue of portal advertising has plummeted. The WeChat information stream can not PK Toutiao. Micro-vision can not PK Douyin. The business of Shangyun is can not PK Ali, and AI seems to have nothing to do with you. Jingdong, which is used to arrange e-commerce and is included in its camp, has been swayed by the founder’s private life. Fortunately, there is a huge piece of fat in the game, stable,can earn quick money and earn more . Everything else is nothing at all.

Cosun: we do not play tricks on April fool

Well, although you can't tie up with AI now, but based on your financial strength, the speed of dig talents is absolutely killing all competitors. April Fool's Day has gone out of two steps. You can be a successful earner. Can you make something new? We will wait and see what is going on.

There are so many things in the goose factory. In fact, it is not the focus of today. It is just a matter of finding a topic. April Fool's Day, no jokes can be born on the land of manufacturing. Since there is no joke, then come true. The boss of Cosun said, we don’t play virtual, don’t play routines. In the past 20 years, we only did one thing. In the next 20 years, it’s still the same one.  There should be flowers and applause here,haha.

How the sign can be considered as a good one ? There is a lot to knowledge in it. In such an impetuous society, there is a noun called "expert" that has been broken. There are more and more fake experts, and there are fewer and fewer things to do. Over time, everyone is such thing. The consequences of this kind social tendencies are unimaginable. However, such kind social tendencies knock-down everything that no one can escape . As long as you explore  deeper, the real face is life will make you definitely uncomfortable.

Because of this, it is time for real industry experts to highlight their value. In the past March, Cosun Sign was selected as the first stop by the "China Sign Brand Discovery Journey" crew, which shows that all the colleagues in the sign industry recognize the strength of Cosun. Ingenuity casting for 20 years, only to do the sign. From professional to excellent, it can't be done overnight, especially in the production and production industry of sign. In the past, for decades, the lag of precision equipment restrict the development of the industry seriously. In the sign industry , to stand out among so many competitors, you need to do better than others in every detail, be better than the competitors in raw materials, and be more enthusiastic than competitors in service. However, the ingenuity is not limited to this. On the road of specialization, Cosun’s boss said, we have to go all the way to dark, and then go to dawn. What do you mean? There is no hurdle can not cross. It’s impossible for everything is peaceful & favoring. It’s impossible to get away from the sun. If you encounter difficulties and problems, don’t be afraid to escape, bravely challenge it, use three professional spirits, It must be dawn after dark.

The first professional spirit, technological innovation, and the society are developing. No industry can stop technological innovation. Otherwise, it will be learn a lesson from the market and eliminated by the time. This is true for the sign industry, too. Cosun can achieve today's achievements, and it is inseparable from the careful grinding and technological innovation of the products.

The second professionalism, skilled, what is the skill, that is the ability to solve problems, for the user, the ability to solve the problem is the first priority. Whether it is pre-sales or sign design and production, or even after-sales, each position must be equipped with professional staff to meet the professionalism of skills. I don't know about other companies in the sign industry. Cosun has this professional level.

The third professional spirit, quality & warm service for customer, the word service is now familiar to everyone. In fact, many years ago, we have no such service idea , so there is no service when selling products. In today's era when everyone is talking about services, what services can be done in the sign industry? Cosun does this. As long as the customer has a phone call or an email, the staff responds within 1 hour &once  the demand confirmed, 24-hour on-site measurement is performed for customers on site, and user demand data is recorded. The designer begins to intervene and provides users with multiple sets of options. Large projects can negotiate to supply samples in advance. Regarding the after-sales service, there is any problem with the 5-year warranty. Only one phone call is required. The 24-hour special person in the area will be on-site maintenance. The time limit for the appointment will not exceed 3 days.

With technology, we have the skills to turn technology into products, and then work hard from the service, think about what customers think, urgency for customers, have difficulties, do not shrink, do not fear the darkness before dawn, the sun will shine Earth.

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