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What are the types of guide signage system?


Last week, we made an in-depth analysis on the concept and function of guiding signs, and selected some typical scene guiding signs as cases to illustrate. Due to the theme, the classification of guiding signs system was not involved at that time.

What are the types of guide signage system?

Theoretically speaking, mastering the classification of the signage system can help the signage design company and production company better connect with party A. And it also helps Party A to understand more about the signage system and describe its project requirements more clearly. In fact, it is aim to facilitate the smooth progress of the signage project.

The following is a refinement of this problem. The guide signage system can be divided into the following five types.

1. Way-finding sign. Guidance is the basic function of most wayfinding signs. We can see such signs in many  places, such as in bus stations, train stations, subway stations, airports, schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, scenic spots, parks, etc.. Numerous signs are used as way-finding signage to inform people about the location and the path information to reach the destination. Although in large places, the types of signage are extremely complex, the services required by different people are also very different, and the signage system also contains a large number of non-indicative signboards, but the role of wayfinding sign in this system is irreplaceable.

2. Display sign. In the guidance signage system, in addition to the wayfinding signage, there is also a kind of sign called display sign. This kind of sign does not point to a specific direction, but conveys certain information or intrinsic value to people at a specific location, and people receive such information through different forms of patterns and words. The typical example is the spiritual pylon. This kind of display signs are tall and has a eye-catching visual effects. There is no specific direction, but it can give people a refreshing feeling. Through the display of relevant information on the spiritual pylon sign, people can intuitively feel the existence of relevant brand image.

3. Auxiliary sign. The larger the signage system, the more complex the internal components are. When the complexity reaches a certain level, a lot of auxiliary signs are needed to play a role. The common auxiliary sign in the guide signage system may be a warning sign or a "no smoking" sign. Of course, safety warning signs can be seen in many places in amusement places, such as "Beware of electric shock, do not approach" warning signs in areas close to electric equipment, and "Danger of water depth, please don't splash around" warning signs in places close to pools.These signs are located in every corner of the large guide signage system. As auxiliary signs, they constitute a complete guide signage system.

4. Publicity sign. This type of signage generally has the role of policy propaganda. In recent years, the publicity signs of core values can be seen in major parks, scenic spots, schools, and hospitals, and the style is uniform. No matter where you go, you can see the same advertised signage. This type of signage is a typical propaganda sign and an important part of the guide sign system.

5. Environmental beautification sign. Our pursuit of a better life comes from all aspects of life. In addition to material, spiritual life can not be ignored. For example, in the communities, squares, and public leisure places, we can see various interesting environmental signs. Some are personalized characters signs, and there are also sculptural signs representing certain emotional elements. These signage belong to the environmental beautification sign, and also belong to the guide signage system;

The above five types of signs are the sorting of the guide signage system. In practical applications, many projects may not need to classify specific signs, because the same signage will have different attributes according to different theoretical systems, and will naturally be classified into different categories. However, for the sign design company, the accurate grasp of this classification can greatly improve the efficiency of sign project. The establishment of a complete guide sign system is a combination of theory and practice.

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