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How to set the height of the urban transport sign?


In today's fast-paced city, the role of urban transport signs is becoming more and more important, especially for people who don't have a sense of direction. Going alone is not a very familiar place, and the degree of dependence on urban transport signs will be higher.Even if the mobile phone can be navigated online, the planning of the path of the major navigation software is based on the actual physical identity, and the end identification directly determines the accuracy of the positioning of the navigation software. Sometimes the navigation software takes people to bring the wrong place, the root cause may not be the software problem, but the map label is not accurate, the specific building sign is definitely fixed, the point on the map should also be fixed, so the importance of urban transport signs and It doesn't matter because it's navigation. The opposite is true. Only when the urban transport sign is done, can the user get accurate guidance.

Since urban transport signs are so important, how to set up these various types of urban transport signs? This is a big problem, because the urban transport sign is a complicated system project. Today we choose one of the knowledge points to carry out the development. The height of the urban transport sign should be set. We explain it in three typical categories.

The first major category,Curtain wall urban transport sign,Such urban transport signs are generally located on the external walls of large transportation hubs. The more common ones are airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, bus stations, etc.Due to the large size and large area of these transportation facilities, people often need to be clearly identified at a remote location when traveling, so the height of such urban transport signs should be relatively high.In real life, the station name of the high-speed railway station is usually several tens of meters high. The station-type urban transport signs of bus stations and subway stations are generally in the range of several meters to tens of meters. The specific setting height needs to be based on the characteristics of the building itself are determined;

Second major category,Hanging urban transport sign,elfevident,The hanging sign is the sign product that falls on the ceiling or steel structure of the building. The type of contact we have should be the underground parking lot.In order to effectively guide people to orderly parking, specific places need to set up a series of urban traffic signs to guide, then how to set the appropriate height of this type of urban transport signs?Generally speaking,Outdoors can be set to a conventional height limit of about 5 meters, which is the value of many public municipal roads with bridges or pedestrian bridges. The height of 5 meters is sufficient for most vehicles, and this height is high. The set of hanging urban transport signs and people's interaction angle is relatively moderate, a little farther to observe, basically can be regarded as the scope of head-up, without special looking up to identify the sign.The urban transport sign inside the parking lot should be determined according to the height of the building. Now the underground parking height of the commercial building may be about 4 meters. There are countless pipes on the ceiling occupying about 1 meter. After about 3 meters of space, after adding the urban traffic sign, the actual height of the sign can be set at about 2.5 meters. Too high will affect other equipment, too low will affect the space of vehicles and pedestrians;

The third major category,Ground vertical urban transport sign,There are more types of urban vertical transport sign on the ground. The most common municipal road transport signs are basically this type, which needs to be supported by the ground hypothetical poles, diversion, guidance, prohibition, warning, etc. Types of signboards belong to the ground vertical urban vertical transport sign. The set height of these signboards is generally determined according to the application properties. For example, the general height of the cross-road type is about 5 meters, and the guide class on the shoulder of the road. Most of the signboards are located in the green belt. As long as the green trees do not block the urban transport signs, the height of the signboards can be set between 1 and 5 meters. The space selected is very large. The specific setting is high. The amount and importance of the card information is determined;

In general,The height of the urban transport sign needs to be determined according to the actual scene. In the scene of long-distance propagation, the setting is higher when it is high; on the contrary, when it is close to the ground, it needs to be low, how much? The height of the meter, how to control the accuracy, should be accurately calculated by the designer to draw conclusions, the purpose is to provide people with a better travel experience.

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