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What are the common principles for the design and production of large modern hospital sign ?


In our daily life, large modern hospitals undertake important social function duties, not only provide people with direct disease diagnosis and treatment, but also shoulder the historical mission of medical teaching and research, train the next generation of skilled talents, and explore cutting-edge medical technology. With the rapid development of modern medicine, the infrastructure of the medical team's software and hardware has gradually formed a scale, the division of the department has become more and more detailed. For an ordinary patient, it is necessary to find a corresponding one during the medical treatment. The departments and related service departments need more and more time and energy, so a comprehensive identification system plays an increasingly important role in the modern medical system. Clear and clear signs can not only meet the patient's orientation, but also possible to psychologically comfort the patient to some extent, to reduce mental stress for the patient. Then, from the perspective of professional sign design and production, what are the commonly used principles for the design and production of large-scale modern hospital sign? The following is an analysis of three aspects from the perspective of the patient:

What are the common principles for the design and production of large modern hospital sign ?

Firstly, to comply with the various administrative systems of the health sector, the introduction of each system must correspond to a direct purpose. In order to achieve this goal, all involved personnel must strictly abide by such rules, and this goal can be achieved. The design of the signage should also be carried out within the scope of the system. For example, the common identification symbol of our common medical institutions is the white plus sign on the red background, and the different medical institutions have different expressions for the four components of the red bottom part, each with its own characteristics, some are borderless, and some The effect of the border is increased, and the overall look is not so monotonous. Of course, everyone's judgment is different. The medical-related administrative department's standard for the use of such universal identifiers is uniform. Just like a company's VI design, there are different presentations in different usage scenarios, but this does not mean that one can arbitrarily use methods other than the VI design.The same is true for the process of designing and manufacturing medical sign. There are many other indoor and outdoor sign symbols, such as the use of text, color, etc, which have relevant management regulations or customary styles, including the patient’s awareness of the medical sign’s subconsciousness. Can't be influenced by personal thinking;

Secondly, in line with the characteristics of the hospital, the role of the hospital sign is not only reflected in the perspective of convenient patient visits, but also can dig out some other elements, such as in the pediatric related signage products, through lively expression techniques Children's patients bring a relaxed and enjoyable visual experience, which also helps patients to alleviate the pain caused by the disease to a certain extent, so that the doctor does not make it so heavy. At the same time, from another angle, the unique cultural elements of the hospital can be reflected by the distinctive signboards. Different hospitals have their own good direction. The ruler is short, and the inch is long. This is the reason, each direction will have Its own unique form of expression, which is also one of the important starting points for the design and production of hospital sign;

Thirdly, humanization, the hospital identification system is for patients, medical personnel may not need to look at the identification plate to know the division and location of the internal organizational structure, but for the patient, all from the entrance to the door is blank, The presence of the signage perfectly solves this problem. In order to prevent patients from running more, under the core principle of less detours, the layout of the signboard is very important, and how to divert at the node, which puts a new test on the design of the signage system. In reality, the signage of many hospitals is actually dynamically adjusted, which means that the problems in this series are not achieved overnight. It is necessary to continuously feedback and summarize in a large number of practical processes, and then improve, the hospital identification plate must It is not so easy to achieve full humanization;

In the current huge medical system, the ultimate goal of all work in the hospital should be to use limited resources to protect people's lives and health, and to relieve patients of the disease as quickly and effectively as possible. The design of the sign can also be regarded as a service link in the medical system, and the interaction process with the patient is frequent, even exceeding the language communication between the patient and the medical staff. Therefore, the design process of the signage should be patient-centered under the rules and regulations, helping patients to reduce difficulties as much as possible, reducing the additional manual counseling and guidance services resulting from improper sign design, and accurately communicating the various hospitals. The service and its corresponding location, process, etc. Only to achieve these points, the hospital identification system can be considered qualified.

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