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How should the industrial park identification system be built?


In the process of rapid economic development, major cities are opening up one new battlefield. The industrial parks with various themes are a relatively hot concept. For example, in the more developed eastern and southern regions, there are many high-tech industrial parks. There are also industrial types of industrial parks that are compatible with them, as well as industrial parks that design creative culture. These industrial parks generally have several points in common, with a large area, numerous internal buildings, and complex distribution. It may be a bit difficult for a strange user to find a destination after entering the park. At this time, the identification system can play its role. This is our theme today. Regarding how the industrial park identification system should be built, this problem is a bit large. The content of the specific application scenarios will not be launched today. It will be introduced separately later. Today, we mainly make a few points on the creation of the industrial park identification system from a macro perspective. Analysis at the common level.

How should the industrial park identification system be built?

First of all, we need to clearly define the layout and corresponding path of the industrial park through the identification system. Since it is an industrial park, the internal and external exchanges and cooperation must be very frequent, so the number of people entering is huge and complicated, except for the fixed people working inside. Most other people entering the park need to use the guidance of the signboard to find the destination. Therefore, the industrial park identification system should clearly mark the layout maps of the various functional buildings and the route icons to be traveled, and set the identification of the positioning in a reasonable position. Card, telling people where the current campus is located, what direction and path should be chosen to go to the relevant destination, so that strangers can quickly find the destination in a short period of time;

Secondly, it is necessary to make reasonable settings for the public area supporting signs. The industrial park is a public place, which is essentially different from the commercial type of shopping center, but they are both economic and social infrastructures, and they should provide services for specific groups of people. It is to provide services for people, then all problems should have corresponding solutions, so in the industrial park identification system should also meet the multi-dimensional needs of users, such as parking-related signs, bathroom-related signage, catering or business The identification plates of service-related places shall be uniformly planned and designed and incorporated into the industrial park identification system;

Finally, the safety category is indispensable. Safety production cannot be ignored by any entity in any industry. In industrial parks, especially industrial parks, it is more important to strengthen the management of safety. The setting of the safety type identification plate in the industrial park identification system can not only prompt and warn people's personal property safety, but also effectively isolate relevant specific places to prevent unrelated personnel from touching dangerous things. It is still quite general. If you must specify the details, you can also find a lot of scenes. For example, there are special power distribution rooms in many industrial parks. This place generally requires professional management. It should be clearly marked and alerted by the signboard. To inform non-related personnel that they need to bypass, and the responsible person and contact information of emergency contact feedback should also be clearly stated;

The orientation of the industrial parks in different directions is different, so we have not carried out the internal rules, but the objectives of the different types of industrial park identification systems are the same, providing information transfer services for the people entering the park. This information is related to different groups of people. Personalized needs are one-to-one correspondence. For example, the first requirement for a person to enter the market is to find the target building, the next step is to find the floor, and then the next is to find the house number, which are inseparable from the guidance of the identification system. When this person has done the relevant things well, there may be derivational needs, such as where to eat, which requires other functional signs to guide, so the creation of the industrial park identification system is a systematic project. For large industrial parks, the corresponding industrial park identification system will be more complicated. If you want to do a good job in the operation of the industrial park, the preliminary work including the identification system must be done.

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