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What are the precautions for the installation process of the roof lighting word?


We know that the roof's luminous characters are working on the roof of the building, either as a support for the steel structure support on the roof or directly at a certain support point on the facade. In short, it is a high-altitude operation, which has great danger and is used. In the event of problems with replacement parts, etc., the difficulty of the work is very large. Therefore, manufacturers need to put more effort into the production of the roof-mounted letters to ensure that the products are not in use or avoided as much as possible. After the roof is printed, it will be installed, and the installation process and quality will directly affect the use of the roof's luminous characters and post-maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to make every detail in this installation process. It is summarized into the following three considerations.

What are the precautions for the installation process of the roof lighting word?

Matters needing attention 1, read the deep drawing of the roof glowing words, the guiding outline of this installation work is also the basis for the effective development of the work, because in the large-scale high-end sign manufacturers, there are generally professional deepening designers to make and install in advance. The first task of the installation staff is to understand the figure. What position is punched, where is the lead wire, where is the welding, whether it needs support or reinforcement, and there will be relevant data reference in the deep drawing. It is not possible to change the plan without authorization, because each item in the plan is scientifically based and not filled at will;

Note 2: If you encounter steel bars when punching the relevant parts at the top of the building, you should immediately stop the construction work, coordinate with the design and technical personnel, and continue to start the installation process with the permission of the relevant professionals. Appropriate tilt or offset can be made within the effective offset amplitude to ensure that the depth of the mounting hole is in accordance with the expected value, because the depth of the hole is not enough to affect the surface flatness of the bracket or the luminous word, and also gives the luminous word Bringing security risks in the later stage;

Note 3, some of the roof lighting letters should be reserved for the lower side of the drain, although the roof of the market has generally adopted a waterproof light source, but the waterproof level is limited, just like our home air-conditioner hangs, hangs in It doesn't matter if the outdoor wind blows rain, but it can't be soaked in the water. In the same way, there are many parts in the roof lighting letters, especially the LED light source and power supply. The waterproof light source and waterproof power supply can rain, and can also soak for a short time, but the soaking time is also limited. There will be numbers on the top, so for the three-dimensional luminous characters with the surrounding edge, some water outlets should be reserved at a certain position at the bottom of the vertical surface of the shell. The excessive amount of waterproof rain will cause the light source and power supply to be soaked, of course, some buildings. The top luminous word, such as the punched type luminous word, is flat, and there is no such thing as opening the drainage hole;

The renderings of the same building's luminous word project are often very different in the different marking manufacturers. This is directly related to the manufacturer's experience and technical accumulation. The roof or wall facade of the high-rise building. Construction itself is not an easy task. There will be various emergencies in the middle. If the project is undertaken by a contractor with insufficient experience, it will not be able to guarantee the smooth installation of the roof letters and will leave various The late security risks can be described as endless troubles. For large-scale senior high-end sign manufacturers, these problems are relatively good to control, design the plan corresponding to all possibilities in advance, and the large roof-mounted word installation project can easily deal with. On the contrary, those manufacturers who can only have their own watches can only cope with things. Therefore, when Party A has a project to install and construct the roof, the most important thing is to find a senior and reliable high-end sign design manufacturer.

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