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What are the six installation methods commonly used by high-end sign manufacturers?


The large-scale high-end sign design and production manufacturers have relatively rich experience in project implementation, and the details of specific project construction are more in place. It may be theoretically speaking that the sign products are relatively low, whether they are luminescent or non-illuminating. Industrial products, but it is not easy to do fine work, especially for precision products. The width and curvature of a joint can expose the manufacturer's real manufacturing level, indicating that it is not easy to make a good product. It is not easy to make fine products.The high-end sign design and production manufacturers will have higher quality requirements for the products. The products need to be delivered to the customers, and the customers need to display them, that is, they must be installed, so as to fully reflect the value of the sign. Whether the product is properly installed and directly affects the effect of the identified product, then in the actual identification project case, how is the manufacturer installed? What are the common installation methods? Take the construction project of the COSUN SIGN as an example to explain in detail the six installation methods commonly used by high-end sign manufacturers.

What are the six installation methods commonly used by high-end sign manufacturers?

The first type, floor-standing installation, this method is one of the simplest installation methods in all identification products, such as some ground-based products, if the contact area of the bracket and the ground is relatively large, and the center of gravity is relatively low, It can be directly erected on the designated position on the ground. It does not need special fixing treatment. When necessary, it can also increase the locking mode of the identification product and the ground contact surface, such as the upper screw, glass glue, etc., can be easily realized. In some large shopping malls, we can see many of these floor-standing signage products without any installation marks, because the center of gravity has been reduced at the beginning of the design.

The second type, the wall-mounted installation, for some of the sign products used on the wall can usually be fixed by glue or glass glue, and the larger size of the sign can also be fixed on the wall with screws. If it is a glass wall, try to use the paste mode to avoid damage to the glass during the hole punching process, which will cause irreversible damage.

The third type, concrete pouring installation, in the use of some large-scale sign products, such as spiritual fortress products, because the spiritual fortress is a large-scale, dead weight, cross-sectional area is relatively large, the environment requirements are relatively high, easy Under the influence of external factors, it is necessary to carry out foundation pit treatment on the ground, clean up the soft soil layer, and then fill the concrete pit with concrete, and at the same time, pre-embed the column of the identification product, and wait for the concrete to solidify and dry. The stability of the signage is very good, which is one of the most common and effective installation methods for large ground sign products;

The fourth type, hanging installation, when we walk in various public venues and commercial places, it is no stranger to the overhead tag. It is well understood that the installation of the hanging tag on our head is the one that needs to be introduced here. Hanging type, hanging type installation is simple, usually suitable for small sign products in public places, generally using expansion screws to drive into the ceiling, pull down metal ropes or steel bars, to fix the tag;

The fifth type, the hole-positioned installation, a direct example to illustrate, some of the wall's fa?ade needs to hang the luminous characters, and the wall can not be used to rack or bracket these things that affect the aesthetics, how to do it, the general manufacturer is Directly punch holes in the predetermined position on the wall, each hole position is in one-to-one correspondence with the bracket on the base of the luminous word, so that after the hole position is set, the luminous word can be pushed directly into the inside, if the requirement is higher At one point, the gap of the hole can be glued, so that the degree of firmness is increased by an order of magnitude;

Sixth, welded installation, marking products used in some high-altitude scenes, usually need to have a fixed mounting bracket to support the identification products, if the building itself does not have such a bracket, you need to make an additional set of accurately calculated brackets. After the bracket is made, the labeling product installation plan is fixed and fixed one by one, so that the label product and the bracket form a tightly connected whole. This installation method is suitable for marking products that require aerial work, and most of them are illuminated on the roof;

High-end sign design and production manufacturers can produce sign products of various types and various rules. Different sign products have different processes and different raw materials, and the final effects are not the same, but they all need to go through a common link. That is, the installation, the identification product produced in the factory's workshop can not play its expected role and effect, need to be accurately installed according to the predetermined plan to achieve the final result. The installation methods of different types of identification products cannot be generalized. It is necessary to distinguish according to the category of the product and the actual use scenario. It is the best policy to choose the installation method reasonably. There is no best way, only the most suitable way.

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