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What are the characteristics of intelligent digital sign?


Yesterday we discussed the development direction of intelligent digital signs. Although the three directions mentioned are not currently applied on a large scale in the market, the author is confident about the prospects of intelligent signs.In our sign industry, large manufacturers are also eager for gearing up and itch to try each one has its own characteristics and highlights. If a customer contacts multiple sign manufacturers at the same time, it may be confused, so whether it is Party A or Party B, it is necessary to fundamentally understand some of the significant characteristics that intelligent digital sign should possess in order to effectively promote the progress of the project. The editor compiled the following four aspects.

Feature 1,The interface is simple, and the technology is progressive, so every iteration of the technology should make the original complicated things simpler. Why are intelligent signs sought after by many traditional sign manufacturers, subjective initiative, and passive market pressure? The change in the Market Vane is exactly the needs of users. Traditional products in the past may no longer meet the needs of a new generation of people.In the past ten years, smart phones have dramatically changed people ’s lifestyles, and people have become accustomed to the convenience brought by smart products. Therefore, the interface of smart digital signs cannot be too complicated, because these things are technically The era of stream is no longer necessary;

Feature 2,Powerful functions. I just mentioned why the interface of intelligent digital sign is simple, but simplicity does not mean that it is crude and rough. In fact, this simplicity is based on the strong technical support of the back end, which means that the interface of intelligent digital sign can simple, but the function must be powerful. From the several development directions we mentioned yesterday, each application will not be easy to implement, it must have strong technical support, and it also needs market adaptation. Changes in user habits are not overnight things;

Feature 3,the response speed is fast. No matter what kind of sign, you need to interact with the user to generate value. The traditional sign and user interaction process is usually very simple. In most cases, it is a look, but the intelligent digital sign is not the case. The user The sense of participation and acquisition will be more direct and strong. After the user issues a certain command to the intelligent digital sign, can the intelligent digital sign respond to the user's command in a very short time. This is a big problem. Some people say that the chip's computing Performance can be solved, in fact, there may still be a long way to go in application;

Feature 3,Supporting the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things IOT has to be rehash by the author again. The Internet of Everything should not be a concept at the end of 2019. How can the Internet fall on the road to promoting intelligent sign?

At present, the reason why each sign manufacturer promotes the project of intelligent sign is not consistent. It has to start from the market side. There are many characteristics of intelligent digital sign, which may not be worthless if not required by market users.Conversely, if the functional characteristics that the end user crowd may need have not been refined by the manufacturer, will there be no direction in the future, and how can there be progress without direction? when the touch screen was first launched on the market, no one seemed to feel that they needed or trusted a touch screen smartphone. Isn't the key very good? Now it's all reversed. Whether the future of intelligent sign is also such a logic, for the time being we have no way to draw conclusions.

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