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The first season documentary launching ceremony of


People who have traveled all over the green mountains are not old, and the scenery here is unique. From winter to spring, every inch of land is full of vigor and vitality. Every industry has begun to launch a new round of siege. Everyone has also changed their face. They have taken their solid steps at a new starting point in their vision of a better future. Success always favors those who strive hard and diligently pursue every detail on their way forward. there has always had the expression " craftsman"in CHINA, which is intended to express people's original profound attainments in a certain technical field.  Now, there is a feeling called " craftsman spirit", which explains the staff's meticulous care and continuous improvement of products in their professional career.

The first season documentary launching ceremony of

In order to meet the development needs of the new era, from manufacturing to " intelligent manufacturing", from extensive to intensive, from " intentional imitation" to " ingenious brand", an important event is taking place in China's sign industry.  At 9 a.m. on March 20, 2019, after several months of preparation and planning, the documentary of the first season of " journey to discover Chinese sign brands" gathered together industry tycoons from Beijing fengbiao media, Sichuan blueview photoelectric, Zhejiang guangxu numerical control and other industries to enter COSUN SIGN, which is located in Shenzhen, and officially launched the opening ceremony of this documentary. The launching of the documentary on the SIGN brand discovery journey has received strong support from colleagues in the SIGN industry,there are up to 27 provincial and municipal SIGN industry associations, including Taiwan's Xinbei Advertising Engineering Commercial Association, as well as the leaders of Shenzhen sign association who is named Mr Cui Yun, Guangdong sign association and Shandong sign association and other associations, Mr. Zhang Wengao, chairman of blueview Optronics, and Mr. Xiu Yunfei, chairman of Guangxu Digital Control, who had attend the launching ceremony to congratulate the shooting of the first-season documentary on the " journey to discover Chinese sign brands". COSUN SIGN witnessed this wonderful moment together with hundreds of staff members.

At the launching ceremony, Mr. Liu Jiancheng, the film producer of Fengbiao Media, delivered a speech, expressing his thanks to colleagues from all walks of life for their support. At the same time, he placed high hopes on the documentary " Journey to Discover Chinese SIGN Brands". Mr. Liu Jiancheng said that the purpose of this documentary is to promote the transformation and upgrading of the SIGN industry, and shape the excellent brand image of the enterprise, display excellent enterprises and products in the SIGN industry, encourage colleagues in the SIGN industry to move towards a benign development path of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, jointly cultivate the market, tap the market and digest the market.  With continuous self-innovation, the whole process from research and development to design, and production, which aims to improve the quality and produce high-quality products. The future of sign industry will be more wider and farther.

Next, Mr Zhong Lin, founder and general manager of COSUN SIGN, the leading role in the first station of this documentary, and made a speech. He warmly welcomed the guests and the documentary crew from afar and expressed his heartfelt thanks to COSUN SIGN as the first station of the documentary, also said that COSUN SIGN has always maintained a high sense of mission and reverence for the market since established. Remember your initiative mind and strive forward, and has never stopped and relaxed in the pursuit of product quality, from nothing to large.  From Longgang in Shenzhen to more than 30 countries in the world, after 20 years of youth, people are no longer middle-aged. Along the way, the footprints left behind are enough to make a beautiful picture scroll. Looking back, I am grateful to my COSUN family who worked hard together and the understanding and trust of more than 10,000 customers, to the support and encouragement of colleagues in the industry, and to the development opportunities of the era along the way. it was the countless sign makers who struggled on the front line and never give up easily that makes COSUN SIGN's today. In the future development, we will push forward the internal mechanism reform, and keep striving to people and products, so that every product from COSUN SIGN will become a top-quality product, and every employee from COSUN will become an elite in the industry.

During the ceremony, the presidents of Shenzhen SIGN Industry Association, Guangdong SIGN Industry Association and Shandong SIGN Industry Association congratulated the successful opening ceremony of the documentary as representatives of individual and local industry organizations. Sichuan blueview Optoelectronics and Zhejiang Guangxu Digital Control as the suppliers for sign industry,and congratulate the opening ceremony on its success. They had high hopes for the first station of the documentary to play the leading role of COSUN SIGN and expressed their full expectation for the official release of the documentary.

Finally, the staff filled in the volume number 001, the range number 001, the mirror number 001, the time number 001, and the number 001 make COSUN eternal memory on the film. Under the guidance of the film producer, all the participating guests took the stage and opened the huge marker board together. With the director's " action" commanded, the salute was fired, colorful petals fell from the sky, and the scene was filled with a warm and festive atmosphere, marking the success of the opening ceremony.

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