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How to judge the quality of the products of the manufacturer of sign design?


In the modern high-tempo development society, our daily production and living efficiency has been greatly improved. In the process of this promotion, there are many problems that follow. Among them, a typical problem that is more prominent is the pursuit of quantity and neglect of quality, blind pursuit of efficiency and sacrifice of quality.This problem is particularly prominent in the manufacturing sector, including the sign industry. A small number of sign design and production companies in order to take orders to catch up with the period to maximize the benefits, in the implementation of the sign project in the process of sub-filling, cutting corners, compression process, etc, in order to achieve rapid delivery of products.The customer group of sign products is usually not a professional. The inspection process is basically the primary level. Even if the products of the sign design manufacturer have quality problems, most of the cases cannot be accurately judged. In order to effectively help the customer group to freely control the quality of the sign product, the following is based on the project experience of Cosun Sign, and from six aspects, how to judge the quality of the product of the sign design manufacturer.

How to judge the quality of the products of the manufacturer of sign design?

First, the symbol symbol contained in the signal product should meet the requirements of "GB10001 public information sign graphic symbol", especially for the traffic type guide-oriented sign card, which will use a certain number of patterns, and these pattern symbols are customary, already Written into the standard, the sign design manufacturer must comply with this rule;

Second, the text part of the sign must be accurate and no typos. This standard is simple to say, it is very difficult to do, especially the officially led some sign items, all kinds of low-level errors frequently, typos are more than unimaginable Involving the English part of the Chinese and English contrasts, even the level of the kindergarten, I don’t know how the public servants at all levels of the doctor’s hat are doing it. However, the design finalization of this sign product is usually not in the hands of the sign production manufacturers. The sign that the sign manufacturer got has problems and errors, and it has to be done. There is no way to do it.Not far from Cosun, there is a significant typos on the large guide sign on the Honghua Square in the Honghualing Low Carbon Ecological Park on the north side of Yanlong Avenue, Shenzhen Longgangping and Xinsheng junction. At the end of 2018 Just finished, how to pass the acceptance, the answer is self-evident;

Third, there is no burr at the corner of the finished sign product. This inspection standard is very easy to detect. It does not require any professional knowledge and professional tools. The best way is to touch it directly. If you cut your hand, it means The details of the product are not in place, don’t say anything, just rework directly;

Fourth, metal parts need to do anti-rust treatment, especially for the outdoor use of the sign brand products, if not stainless steel, is the part of ordinary metal materials, all need to be galvanized, or directly using galvanized sheet. The welding part is the same as the plate, and it needs to be rust-proofed without leaving a dead angle.

Fifth, surface flatness and air bubbles, this standard can usually reflect the craft level and work attitude of the sign design manufacturer, good sign brand products with or without curvature, the plate and its surface are natural transition. The problem of bubbles is produced by the process of baking paint. If the production process is strictly in accordance with the standard, no bubbles will appear. If so, that is the quality problem.

Sixth, the convenience of installation and maintenance, large sign products are generally not transportable and installed at the factory, but scattered parts are transported collectively to the destination, and then on-site installation work, assembled. Therefore, for large-scale sign products, it is also necessary to consider the convenience of installation. If there is a large-scale project with high-altitude operation requirements, it is necessary to consider the feasibility and difficulty of installation. Otherwise, even if it is completed, it cannot be installed safely. In place, the previous pay is also in vain.In the same way, the convenience of after-sales maintenance of sign products is also one of the factors that need to be considered in advance. It is impossible to start a problem that a light bulb does not light during use;

Whether it is indoor or outdoor use of sign brand products, quality is always one of the most concerned factors of the customer group. The above six inspection points can already help a layman to judge the quality of the sign product. For high-altitude installations, it is also necessary to pay attention to the safety factor of sign, the rational use of materials and components of steel frame supports, and the wind load resistance, especially in the northwest plateau and typhoon-prone areas in the southeast coast. Standards are the top priority of quality assessment, safety production, everyone is responsible

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