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How to carry out lightning protection during the installation process


The illuminated word on the top of the building is the luminous word installed on the top of the building. Because it is installed on the roof, the location is high, and the distance from the audience is far, so the font is usually larger, that is, the strokes of the luminous characters are thicker and wider, otherwise People's eyes are difficult to recognize quickly and effectively. Moreover, the top-floor luminous characters are subject to multiple tests from complex environments at high altitudes, and ordinary plastic materials are incapable of being used. Therefore, the design and manufacture manufacturers must use metal materials to make the roof-top letters. On the other hand, based on the special position of the working position of the roof, in addition to the wind and sun, there is an important natural phenomenon that cannot be avoided, that is, the attack of lightning. The big trees can be opened directly, let alone the light-emitting words on the roof of the metal material that is easier to conduct.

How to carry out lightning protection during the installation process

During the spring and summer seasons, the storms come more frequently. The sudden changes in air pressure are easy to cause lightning, and the metal roof is just barely exposed on the roof platform or the facade. This is a region where lightning strikes are more serious. Therefore, for experienced sign design and production manufacturers, the factors of lightning protection and lightning protection will be taken into account in the process of designing, installing and installing the big characters and the roof lighting products. This is a reflection of the responsibility of the customers. The best interpretation of the craftsmanship of the product excellence. Then, how does the general sign design and manufacturer actually operate? How to carry out lightning protection and lightning protection during the installation process of the roof lighting word? According to the engineering case experience of the COSUN SIGN, the treatment can be carried out in the following three aspects.

In the first aspect, the multi-control multi-loop design of the wiring pattern of the roof lighting word is also mentioned in the previous article. The knowledge about the parallel circuit is very widely used in our daily life. The essential principle of a family's dual or multi-control loop switch is the same. The difference is that there are more LED light sources used in the big characters on the roof. Therefore, when connecting the two ends of each LED light source module, the multi-control multi-loop mode can be adopted to prevent one of the lines from being in poor contact or unable to be connected due to lightning and other factors. At this time, other lines can be replaced to keep the LED light source working normally. On the surface, even if there is a certain problem in the interior, the roof lighting word can still be used normally, indicating that the plan and risk management are very important;

In the second aspect, the reasonable selection of the power line related to the roof lighting word may be ignored by some small workshops in the marking industry. In consideration of cost, just pick up a line and light up the roof lighting word. But in fact, from a scientific point of view, the circuit can't be lit up. Generally speaking, our common civil utility voltage is 220V, and the best matching of insulated copper core wire should be 2.5 square meters or more. Otherwise, it is easy to burn the line because the instantaneous load is too high;

In the third aspect, the lightning protection belt or the lightning protection net is directly installed on the roof-shaped luminous skeleton and the bracket. In addition to the need to increase the construction period, the lightning protection method is relatively simple and practical. Generally, a reasonable lightning protection belt and a roof lighting are used. The skeleton or bracket of the word is directly connected. Once a lightning strike occurs, the instantaneous high energy of the lightning will be directly transferred to the lightning protection belt, and further transferred from the lightning protection equipment of the building to the grounding ground, thereby achieving perfect lightning protection measures. There are several points to be aware of when setting the lightning protection belt. First, the position of the lightning protection belt should be appropriate. Secondly, the density setting of the lightning protection belt should be reasonable. The area of the general grid needs to be controlled to be 10*10 meters or less. The square is less than 100 square meters. In fact, our large-sized characters on the top of the building are rarely in the shape of a large square. Therefore, even if the area of the roof is more than 100 meters, it may be mostly rectangular or even other. However, this does not affect the setting of the lightning protection belt. For the sake of safety, the density of the lightning protection belt can also be appropriately reduced to meet the overall demand and aesthetics of the roof lighting word project.

Through detailed analysis and interpretation of the above three aspects, we have learned about several common lightning protection and lightning protection measures for the roof lighting letters. In actual engineering projects, most buildings have lightning protection and lightning protection measures, Ground through a metal line. Therefore, the lightning protection and lightning protection measures of the roof-mounted letters do not need to do so many things from beginning to end. It is only necessary to simply push the skeleton or bracket of the roof-top letters through the metal connectors and the lightning protection preset on the roof of the building. The measures can be effectively docked together, without the need to start from the beginning to prevent lightning strikes related construction and layout, otherwise it is doing useless work, I believe that experienced roof design letters manufacturers also understand this truth.

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