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Liu Qiangdong said to eliminate people with low cost performance


The intimate title of "Daqiangzi" has been screamed by netizens for many years. Perhaps everyone’s recognition and admiration of Jingdong and its founder Liu Qiangdong is from the heart . Perhaps it is the sense of substitution for the life-style textbook-style family history. Young people, now is maybe a little confused, look at the overbearing president of the Liu Qiangdong, the future of the good things on the paper, become the general manager, become the CEO, embark on the peak of life, still not full of blood and resurrection.

Once, this is a wonderful story about the Phoenix man Liu. With a basket of eggs left from the North Jiangsu to go to Beijing to study, graduated from the Renmin University of China with excellent results, gave up the opportunity to enter the state system with brilliant glory, went to Zhongguancun rent a counter to sell CDs, and the girlfriend left him. The story can be reversed from here, and from then on, then the life of the Liu Qiangdong going wild with unequalled capacity.

Selling CDs in Computer City in the 1990s is absolutely a fashionable job. The bulky desktop is something that ordinary people can't afford to buy. The Internet has not popular yet . It is precisely because the computer has not yet been popularized, the Internet has not entered the homes of ordinary people, and there is Liu Qiangdong who later became a big shot in this field.People who have been to Computer City have a deep understanding. The Editor is unfamiliar with Zhongguancun, but can not too familiar with Wuhan Guangzhao Computer City anymore. There are special students who are abducted and deceived. Students from all over the world know that the situation in Beijing Zhongguancun is also a kind like that. Liu Qiangdong should have been very pure and kind in his heart. He couldn’t stand the black-hearted business that opened in Zhongguancun. So he took a different approach and did something different from them. Of course, there is another saying that the reason for the SARS  outbreak in 2003 lead the store to close, taking advantage of the Internet boom to plunge into the e-commerce field of the with marked price tag, not deceive people, out of control from that period, it is really a good fortune, everyone knows the following things. It’s been a few years’s effort to embark on the peak of life.

We often say that life is up and down is a common occurrence. Liu Qiangdong seems to have been rising all the time. The heights are not overwhelming. The Mingzhou turmoil that has not been in the past has given Jingdong and Liu Qiangdong a head start. The stock is almost waist-shouldered in 2018, and the lowest point is close to 2014. The issue price of the year. Since March, Liu Qiangdong has implemented drastic reforms within the company. A series of strategic and personnel changes have brought turmoil comparable to the events in Mingzhou. In addition to the basic salary for the courier, the CPF coefficient was lowered, and the performance was added to the performance. The focus was on an internal mail during the Ching Ming Festival holiday. The full text is as follows:

Jingdong will eliminate three types of people in the future. First, people who can't fight hard (both old and new, regardless of the reasons, including those who can't fight or fight for physical and family reasons); second, those who can't do it, that is, poor performance People; the third is the people with low cost performance, let the younger and lower cost people.

This email quickly made Jingdong enter the hot search list, but this time the public opinion is different from before. I think this "three eliminations" seems to be done by the bosses of all walks of life outside the system. It’s just that Liu Qiangdong has just said it. It’s common sense to reduce the cost of manpower and material resources, increase sales, and increase revenue. However, the last elimination makes people feel very bad. The price/performance ratio is usually used to describe the goods. Are you tying the president to be used to it, and treating the people who fight with you as robot-like goods? The reason is this, to control costs, I hope this time is your word misrepresentation. In this regard, Cosun Sign’s founder Mr. Zhong Lin said at the collective morning meeting on Monday that every employee is the company's wealth, Cosun needs strong combat power to survive, the company has money to protect Cosun company more than 200 The famous colleagues and the survival of the family behind everyone, and encourage all participants to work hard from the following three aspects:

First, survival is cruel, society is always cruel, there is no pie falling from the sky, the company is not a charity, the company has always been paying attention to the physical and mental health of all employees, especially in occupational health. On the issue of eating, the company plans to invest more money to improve the food in the new year, to improve food safety and hygiene to an unprecedented height. Vegetable& rice is the most freshly procured, and refuses to purchase frozen meat, using only chilled meat. The canteen hired more professional staff to provide catering services for everyone to make everyone eat better.

Second, the company is everyone's, and the results are everyone's. The development of the company requires the joint efforts of all colleagues, making outstanding achievements in their respective positions, adding to the company's collective interests, and contributing to the healthy development of the company;

Third, taking himself as an example, Zhong is not a rich second generation nor an official second generation. He is the same as everyone else. He has been mixed from a poor and white teenager to the president. He has been in the sign industry for more than 20 years. “The road I walked through was not smooth. I also brought a series of diseases to my body during the struggle for the ideal, but I have no choice. Unless I go home to farm, it is not my ideal. In order to live better and have a bad origin, there is only one way to go and work hard”,he said.

Finally, Zhong said that the competition in the sign industry is extremely fierce. The friends from peer company in the sign industry come to Cosun to inspect and appreciate Cosun's standards. “This makes me feel very gratified that our past efforts are valuable, no matter It is valuable to individuals as well as to companies and even to the industry. However, we can't be stagnant because of this. The company is like a person. If the company's collective interests cannot be met, the company has no money. What should be used to pay for everyone? Therefore, from the company's point of view, everyone is for me, I am for everyone, the company is striving to provide more competitive compensation for the industry, and continuously improve the working environment, and hope that everyone can use practical actions to invest in In the work, we put every job into practice, grow up with the growth of the company, and then get more income from it, so that the future life will be better.

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