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Should we choose the material for LED sign in top floor?


With the social development,building and developer’s brand awareness rise up.In order to enhance the mass brand cognition,boss choose the well-designed roof LED sign to spread the brand instead of simple sign.

Should we choose the material for LED sign in top floor?

Senior factory in lighting sign possesses one-stop service in development,design,produce,installation and after-sale experience several decades technology deposition.Client not only consider effect,quality,price,installing,safety, but also look into the material.For example, which material is suitable for sign. In this moment, we need to understand the common material and its features, and make the reasonable option based client’s demand.The common material and its features as follows:

1.stainless steel(SS): SS is seen everywhere.the sign fabricated by SS is beautiful,non-ductile,durable. We need to consider the cost in to products due to the redundant material couldn’t reuse during laser the letters in SS. The sign is heavy because the density of SS is close, we need to design the installing bracket with sign. Therefore, roof sign is higher price,and complex installing,durable ,long life.

2.Iron: Iron is cheaper than SS, so the sign price is cheaper.However, it is easily rust.Although manufacturer painted the sign for improving adaptation,it cannot settle the weathering in nature.Sign made by iron isn’t suitable in roof. We can choose iron if there is awning to resist bad weather.

3.Acrylic:This sign is made by acrylic.It need to use vacuumed technology which mean heating acrylic and using molds to shape the letter form in the situation of vacuum when acrylic cold. Due to this sign is shaping one-of, it is more beautiful, complex, expensive than sign of SS and iron.It also need bracket for installing.

4.Aluminum profile: This kind sign suitable for various roof LED sign with good corrosion resistance, plasticity, low demand for installing. Because the profile cost is higher lead to the sign price is higher.

Buyers not only care about the brand spread of sign in day, but also value the lighting effect in night.That need to understand common material differences and features and combine actual situation to reach expected effect.

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