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COSUN share: How to choose the building materials?


For a regular large-scale project, from the moment when Party A puts forward the demand, the project needs to implement various details. Some of the large-scale projects on the roof are designed by the design company, and Party A will check the acceptance. The renderings are deepened, and some of the large-scale projects are made by the design company and then transferred to the sign deepening design company to deepen. Of course, there are also some groups of customers who have high requirements for the quality of large characters. They directly submit the renderings and deepening drawings to the professional sign design and production company. This situation compares the strength of the sign design and production manufacturers, and many manufacturers. It does not have the ability to design and deepen the design of the map at the same time, because the sign product is not only reflected in the cool renderings, but also needs to be produced by the factory, and it must be installed in the designated position by appropriate means. This involves the deepening of the design process. The essence of deepening design is the precise calculation of structure and mechanics and the selection and matching of raw materials. The choice of raw materials and materials is the key point we will introduce today.

COSUN share: How to choose the building materials?

Generally speaking, there are many manufacturers who can design flat renderings, and there are not many manufacturers that can deepen the design. The specific content and details of the deepening design have been introduced in the previous section. This article expands on one of the points in the design of the design, "Development Material Selection", and deepens the designer's deepening design of the large-scale project on the roof according to the COSUN SIGN‘s experience, there are usually four ways to choose the material for building the roof.

Option 1, according to the lighting demand to decide, some large characters on the roof need to be illuminated, and better display effect at night. In this case, LED light source is generally required to be installed. The installation of the light source involves fixing problems of wiring and light source. All of them need to be considered in the deepening stage of large characters. According to the experience of COSUN’s 20 years of project, if the type of the roof of the luminous type can be punched, the materials used can generally be iron, galvanized, stainless steel. Aluminum plates and so on. If the customer only needs the daytime display effect on the roof, there is no need to emit light. In this case, the material is better to choose, no need to consider the light source and wiring and other related details, besides metal galvanized sheet stainless steel plate and aluminum plate, can use copper plate, plated plate, painted stainless steel, titanium, etc.

Option 2, according to the height of the floor to decide, if it is a tall building, the top of the building needs to be installed on the top of the building, so that the large characters are far away from the ground audience, and people who need to look up at close range may also need to look up,the angle can only be seen. For some distant people, the recognition of large characters is limited. It is impossible to read the characters with partial design on the big characters in a few seconds, so the top of the building is large. The size must be large enough. When you make a big word, you need to consider its safety and service life. The huge metal roof is hung at such a high altitude. It is not a joke to have a problem. Therefore, in this case, The choice of materials to make is relatively simple, usually iron or stainless steel;

Option 3, based on the cost budget, whether it is a large or small roof-sized project, Party A will have a rough cost budget range. After Party B undertakes such a large-scale project, it is within the budget, generally speaking It is also a penny and a piece of goods. The configuration of one thousand and one square is naturally different from the configuration of one thousand and five squares. It may not be seen from the appearance of the foreign trade, but for the manufacturers of large characters on the roof, There are certain differences between the different types of roofs and large-sized products of the same size and the same size and the relevant materials and materials used in different price ranges. If the customer's cost budget for the large characters on the roof is relatively low, iron or galvanized sheets can usually be used. Conversely, if relatively high prices are acceptable, materials such as stainless steel sheets can be used;

Choice 4 is determined by environmental indicators, which have been ignored by professionals for decades. There is a saying that the east side of the sunrise is raining west, it is the change of natural conditions and impermanence. It is equally applicable in our sign industry. The large characters on the roof are used as outdoor unshielded and unprotected applications, and should be considered for weather resistance. Stability of sexual and continuous work. For the windy and rainy southeast coastal areas, the concentration of salt spray in the air is high. The anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties of the large characters should be considered. In this case, the stainless steel plate should be selected first.

Although we have made four aspects of the selection method of the large-scale production materials on the roof, in the actual engineering project, the deepening design stage of the big characters on the roof cannot consider the problem from a single angle, and it is often necessary to consider multiple factors comprehensively. There are also differences in the requirements for details in the large-scale project on the top of the building. The specific choice of materials to be produced requires the in-depth communication between the two parties. For Party A, it is certain that Party B will make the materials more expensive and better. For Party B's production manufacturers, the price difference of raw materials such as iron, steel, copper and so on is huge, and the price of the same profile is different. It may be a world apart, and manufacturers must make money. Therefore, in essence, the choice of materials for making large-scale characters on the roof is still on the price. It can also be said in general terms that the materials on the top of the building are in one-to-one correspondence with their prices.

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