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Why are most of the big-name materials on the roof metal?


We are very familiar with this product on the top of the building. Even if it is not the staff of the marking industry, the roof can be seen almost at any time in the street. However, for some ordinary user groups, the feeling of the big characters on the top of the building may be such an intuitive feeling, whether it is conspicuous, conspicuous, how the color is, and so on. From the perspective of a professional sign person, you can see its essence. Today's sharing is about the problem of making large-sized materials on the roof. No matter how high the floor is, it is certain that the roofing materials are mainly made of metal, and there are few other alternative materials. In terms of scientific spirit, the roof The choice of metal materials for large characters has the following five reasons.

1, impact resistance is better, compared with other non-metallic materials, metal materials have a natural impact resistance, the top of the roof, regardless of the location of the installation of the roof, will experience wind and rain, the hardness of metal materials is far More than other non-metallic materials, especially stainless steel plates and iron sheets, an adult may not be able to win a stroke of a large character, which shows its weight, so some subtle interference with the outside world, the roof is made of metal materials. To make is the best choice;

2, excellent extension performance, whether it is English letters or Chinese characters, many strokes on the top of the building will be curved, for some large characters with artistic effects, there may be more strokes that need to be bent, for those who need to In the case of large-size products on the perimeter of the building, the ductility of the material is a key point to be considered. In this respect, there seems to be no other material that can replace the status of the metal material at this stage, so the metal material is naturally widely used by the label manufacturers ;

3, the flatness is easy to control, no matter what type of sign product, the flatness and smoothness of the surface must be guaranteed. The big word on the roof is a sub-category of the sign product, and the flatness is also required to be guaranteed. This effect is still benefited from the good ductility of the metal material. Even if it is bent at a certain angle, the curvature of the curved surface can be controlled more accurately, so that the curved metal surface maintains a partial flatness, and after metal spraying, smooth Naturally, it can be guaranteed;

4, weather resistance is good, the weather is complex and changeable, and we can not control this changing climate factor, so we can only adapt to this erratic weather from the perspective of products. The large character on the roof is a typical outdoor unobstructed scene. It is directly in contact with the outside world. The product must have good adaptability to the climate. Otherwise, it will not be used normally in bad weather.

5, long service life, metal materials as long as the anti-rust and anti-corrosion measures, the general service life is very long, the ordinary production process can be used for more than 3 years, the roof of the high-end sign manufacturers with strict quality control Large-word products can generally be used for 5 to 10 years. This is also the actual data obtained by the manufacturer after years of engineering practice experience. It is a manifestation of strict quality control.

From the analysis of the above five aspects, it can be seen that the choice of metal for the large-scale production materials on the roof makes sense. In fact, this is also an inevitable choice for long-term practice in the market. For an experienced sign deepening designer, an effect map can roughly determine what material to use for each part. The grasp of materials on the roof of large-scale manufacturers will also change with the change of demand. At this stage, metal materials are also the first choice for the production of large-scale buildings. It is expected that this trend will last for a long time before the development of new materials. 

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