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Analysis of the relationship between the design of guiding sign system and the moving path


In a complete commercial identity system, the proportion of Guiding signs is usually very high, because commercial sites have a natural dependence on crowd traffic, which can be called just needed. In fact, in some non-commercial places, such as schools, hospitals, scenic spots, parks, bus stations, railway stations, airports, and other public service places, there is the same demand, but this demand for the crowd is passive, and It is not as active as a business place to attract people. Regardless of whether it is commercial or non-commercial, the design essence of the identification system is not much different. The pain point of the user is to understand how to go to the destination that he expects. The design of the identification system is just to solve the problem.

Analysis of the relationship between the design of guiding sign system and the moving path

Since the system is to help people solve the problem of pain points, the design process will fully study how to achieve the final goal.The human eye line of sight is an important factor that cannot be ignored,because the process of interacting with people in the specific identification plate in the system is mostly done through the eyes, and there is an inseparable triple relationship between them.

The first important relationship, the upper left part is the visual starting point, and the important signboard that should lead the whole world is placed here. According to the "F" type of visual movement rules of the human eye, the usual browsing habits are from left to right, from top to bottom, and individual special groups can be ignored from the perspective of probability. Therefore, people's information capture in the upper left corner is the fastest and the first to be captured. In the guiding identification system, the position in the upper left corner should generally be an important signboard that leads the global type, and the important nodes of the scene are coordinated and guided;

The second relationship, the right part is the focus of the vision, if the visual path of the human eye does not ignore the existence of the sign, it will continue to look, from left to right, this is a more popular path, so when the human eye leaves In the upper left corner of the "F", the focus should be highlighted. The information that needs to be notified to the user or the information such as the arrow should appear on the specific identification plate at this time, whether it is a collective type or a specific end identifier. The card must display the most valuable information to the user in this link. This is also the most valuable part of the human eye's line of sight. The guide sign system designer will make full use of this path to get twice the result with half the effort;

The third relationship, the lower part is visually easy to ignore, can not put important information in the lower position, especially the information that people need to recognize in a bird's eye view. Most of these signboards are signboards at the end of the guiding signage system. They have also been introduced in the previous article. If the conditions permit, these end tag plates should be tilted at an angle to minimize the visibility of the human eye. Since the end tag is required to be recognizable by the angle of view, the non-end guide sign can't appear in the first half of the visual path, except for some artistic elements that can attract people to look down or kneel down. Other conventional types of guide signs are difficult to be so attractive, so whether it is the node type signboard in the guide sign system or the content on the specific sign board, try not to have important information in the lower part to avoid being ignored. ;

People's eyes have become accustomed to the information from left to right, from top to bottom, the line of sight movement path law can not be violated, so in the design of the guiding identification system should comply with this rule, regardless of the pattern symbol class , or the the text class, it is impossible for each information point to be placed in the upper left corner. Even if it is very important, there must be a sequence, this logic is also unavoidable, as long as the design mastered the essential relationship between the guiding sign system and the human eye's line of sight, and the work behind it will be much easier.

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